In our previous post GJP started to give you our best kept secrets to the perfectly refinished floor. Without further ado, here is our second post giving you expert DIY knowledge.

A floor is for life, not just for Christmas!

Not many people realise this but a hardwood floor can last up to 100 years. So if you’ve moved into a London apartment and think the whole thing is desperate for a refurb, it’s worth checking how old your floorboards are because you’ll probably find, they’re only a quick refinish away from looking timelessly stylish once again! It’s good to note however, that whilst a hardwood floor can last for up to 10 refinishing procedures, you can only refinish a laminate floor once.

Sanding is not always necessary!

For tiny scratches and small amounts of wear and tear that has only affected the surface finish and hasn’t damaged the wood in any way, you can get away without the hassle of sanding. Instead, head to your nearest London hard wear store and pick up a buffer to hand-scuff away small marks. All you need to do then is apply a couple of coats of your chosen finish and you’ll have shiny new floorboards in no time. The perfect, cost affective solution to small scratches.

Avoid oil!

Oil based soaps are bad news when it comes to renovating floorboards as they’ll need to be stripped entirely using ammonia of a sturdy, industrial cleaner before you can sand and finish your floorboards. If you’re new to your London home and aren’t sure what the products the previous owners used on the floor, it’s easy to test for oil by sanding and varnishing a small patch of your floor. If the finish sets, no oil has been used and you’re all set to renovate! Unfortunately, you can’t buff a room that has been cleaned or waxed with an oil based soap.

The rules of buffing and cleaning

It’s always advised to buff and clean your floors between coats of finish. This will remove dust, dirt and any impurities that will show up in the finish if you simply apply the second coat without cleaning.

Sawdust is useful! Keep it!

For damaged floorboards with cracks or nail gouges in it, you can use old sawdust to make putty to fill in damaged sections of your floor. Convenient, as you can guarantee the putty will match the colour of the floorboards!

You can count on us

For a professional job done quickly and done well GJP are here to help. Though refinishing your hardwood floors might seem like an exciting DIY project that is financially appealing, the slightest buffing or sanding mistake is very obvious and shows in the finish. It’s possible to buff to hard, too thinly and too much finish can cause discolouration. It’s easy to ruin your floors and end up having to cover the costs when you least expect it. Our team at GJP are here to help with our competitive prices and professional services. We serve the entire length and breadth of London so wherever you are, we are a quick phone call away if you decide that hiring a professional is your best options.