Trying to determine the best floor sanding machine is a bit of a loaded question as it really depends on what you are using the machine for. That’s right, the type of floor that you have will impact this decision. For example, if you just need a machine to do the edges around the wall then this is very different to looking for a machine to handle the centre of the room. To take this even further, if your floor will require you to sand across the grain, such as in a hallway or pantry then you would be better off with an orbital sander. Although, for pretty much any other floor condition you would want to use a drum sander.

To help you pick the highest quality equipment, we are going to highlight our personal favourite for each of the three types of sanding machine.

Best Drum Sander

This is an easy question for us. The best drum sander by far is the German-made Hummel. Specifically, their Super Hummel which has a 300 mm sanding drum and will always deliver a nice, even sand, when placed in the right hands. This machine also comes fully equipped with a dust containment system, which significantly cuts down on the airborne dust particles.

Best Orbital Sander

If you need to sand against the grain then we have to stick with Hummel. They have a variety of sanding solutions and they are certainly the best in the industry. Their orbital sander offers a stable grip, powerful motor and a large vacuum to suck up any unwanted dust

There is just no way to beat Hummel when it comes to floor sanding. Anything else will always be in second place.

Best Edger

When it comes to edging, we give the nod to Swedish ingenuity. The Bona Edger XL is a superior product compared to other similar edgers. It comes with a comfortable grip to ensure that your hands never slip – your walls will love this feature. As well, these machines come loaded with power. You will be able to create a perfectly sanded surface in no time with the Bona Edger.

While this equipment may cost a little extra, it is definitely worth it, as they will always deliver superior results. They are considered to be the industry-best for a reason. Spend the extra pounds to get the best. You will thank us later.