Re-finishing your hardwood floors is typically a noisy and dusty job. Sure, it is a job that needs to be done but you really need to be prepared for dealing with the negative outcomes from carrying out this task.Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to keep the dust down during your floor sanding job, there will always be some dust that makes it into the air and onto your walls.Here are a few tricks to keeping this dust to a minimum:

While this will help keep the dust to a minimum, you will still have to deal with cleaning the dust off the walls.

Here are a few different ways to try if you are dealing with stubborn floor sanding dust on your walls.

Swiffer on Floor Sanding Dust

Believe it or not, using a Swiffer on your walls will work surprisingly well. You may have to change the dust collecting sheets frequently, depending on the amount of dust but it is a quick and painless method.

Be sure to use the Swiffer in a methodical fashion so you can easily tell where you have already cleaned.

Shop Vac on Floor Sanding Dust

Need a little more power than a Swiffer? Grab the Shop Vac and attach a soft-bristled attachment.

Simply run the vacuum up and down your walls, sucking up all the dust that even thought about landing on your wall.

Remember to always use a soft attachment, as you don’t want to scratch your walls.

Soap and Water on Floor Sanding Dust

After using the Swiffer or Shop Vac, it would probably be a good idea to get some soap and warm water out. Use a soft rag and clean the walls by hand to make sure that absolutely no dust survived the swiffering or vacuuming.

These are just a few simple ways to clean the dust off the walls. The main thing is to use something to get the majority of dust off such as a broom, Swiffer, vacuum etc. Once this is completed you can use soap and water to really clean the walls and make sure the dust is gone.