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Expert commercial floor sanding in the city of London

Wooden floors are becoming the floor covering of choice for many style-conscious businesses. The proper technique and finishing materials will produce a stunning and resilient floor.

This type of floor will add to the beauty and atmosphere of your business environment. If you are thinking of refurbishing the wood floors in your London office, you need to hire experts. In such a case, GJP floor sanding is the company to call.

We have a full floor sanding and restoration service for all wood floor types. Our expertise covers hardwood, engineered wood floors, parquet floors and pine floorboards,

We have what it takes to sand, finish, and repair commercial wooden floors of all sizes in London. Ready to give your business a totally new look? Call us on 02036 978431 to get started

Benefits Of Sanding The Floor Of Your London Business Space

A commercial property’s wooden floor is expected to receive heavy use. It can easily get damage and might get dull much faster than one in a residential property. Why? Commercial environments have higher foot traffic because of goods and people moving about.

But, with the proper care, these floors will last longer. They will also maintain their impressive, professional look. A worn out wooden floor in a commercial area is a black mark on your packaging. It is likely to send the wrong message about your business to customers. This is why a sanded and well maintained commercial wood floor is an investment for your company.

Here are a few sound reasons why you should consider sanding your wooden floor once it begins to look worn out.


Hardwood floors are a common option for companies because they are durable. They are also low-maintenance. But one weakness of oak wood flooring is it might start showing signs of wearing and tearing over time.

This may lead to tired, dull, and old looking parquet flooring. Investing in sanding and refinishing is cheaper than replacing wooden floors. The result – bright, attractive floors.


When solid wood flooring’s protective finish wears off, the boards mat start to break and fall. These splinters can pose a threat to your business staff, visitors, and customers. This is particularly true for halls, gyms, or other space where people are most likely to be shoe-less.

Sanding the wood floors removes splinters and loose parts. Then a new protective cover is installed.

Low Maintenance:

Coarse, rusty, and dull wood floors can quickly collect dust and dirt. An old, degraded floor is a challenge to keep clean. This is especially true for busy commercial establishments, taking more time and maintenance. Floors that have been sanded, and refinished will be much easier to maintain for your company.


A well sanded wooden floor can endure wear and tear for many years before requiring repairs. This also mean fewer maintenance expenses.

Show Your Business in the Right Light:

A wood floor that is well sanded and refinished will show up your business in a good light. It will also attract a different class of customers.

Would you like your London business space to enjoy all these benefits? Consider giving your floor a facelift today. Call 02036 978431 to speak to someone about your plans.

How Can GJP Floor Sanding Experts Help With Your Wooden Floors in London?

Carrying out essential repair work:

Our experts at GJP Floor Sanding can repair wood floors, fixing damage to the floorboards. This may also include replacing boards where necessary, sanding and refinishing.


If you would like to change the look of your floor after sanding, we can offer a wide range of suitable stains. Staining will colour the wood with hues that suit your decor better.

Sealing, oiling, and waxing:

Our experts can also offer finishing services. This entails applying the final cover. This seal or cover acts as long-term defense against wear and tear.

Gap Filling:

Do your wood floor have holes, cracks and gaps? We can get everything filled and sorted out in no time. We will identify and fill all holes, cracks and spots. This will also eliminate drafts that may have been increasing your utility bills.

Not exactly sure what you need but would like to transform the look and feel of your office space in London? No worries. We can come for a site visit, help you determine what needs to be done and offer you a no-obligation quote – all for free.

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Why Choose Our Wood Floor Sanding in London?

You can trust GJP floor sanding for Commercial Wood Floor Sanding in London. We have years of floor sanding experience for commercial properties in London.

Here at GJP floor sanding, we make use of the very finest equipment and tools. We also employ some of the most skilled floor sanders in the whole of London.

Not convinced? Read on to see why we have a lot of satisfied clients from the commercial hub of London.

  • We are resourceful, hard-working, and perform to exceptionally high expectations.
  • We work flexible hours and work around your schedule on your project.
  • We use state-of-the-art dust-free equipment to keep the premises as clean as possible.
  • We operate efficiently and peacefully inside your premises and cause minimal disruption.
  • We understand that businesses sometimes have budget constraints. So, we may be able to work within your budget to achieve your aim.

Our wood floor sanding service is the ideal option for your London-based business. Create a good impression with the professional services that we provide. Upgrade your commercial space, and unlock its full potential.

Request a free, no-obligation quote to get started.

Areas We Cover in London

Our commercial floor sanding company covers the whole of London. We work around the interior of the M25. We have also worked on lots of projects in central London areas. These include Kensington, Westminster and the Central Business District. We have worked in North London areas like Finsbury Park and Watford. You will find signs of our expertise in South London areas like Peckham and Clapham. In fact, we have completed hundreds of commercial floor sanding projects in London.

Where are you in London? On either side of the river Thames from bonnets in the North to Croydon in the South? Or are you in Windsor to the West or Basildon in the East? It doesn’t matter. We can help with your office floor restoration work.

How to Contact Us

Nee more information on our London commercial floor sanding? Or would you like to book an appointment? Give us a call or request a quote today. We are ready to work on your commercial floors, giving you the best result.

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Why do I need to hire professional floor sander?

When completing a floor sanding project, we ensure the job is done to perfection. When a floor is uneven, or has small defects, it can stand out. Floor sanding experts will ensure that the job is done professionally.  You will get a superb finish. Experience is key when sanding and finishing floors.

What is the best finish for hardwood floors?

Polyurethane is the best and most sought-after surface coating for hardwood floors.  It handles heavy traffic quite well and can withstand anything thrown at it. Two types of polyurethane finishes exist: oil-based and water-based. They both have the pros and cons but neither is a bad choice.

Can my damaged wooden floor be saved?

If you have a damaged wood floor, our experts can come and assess it. Most floors can be renovated, even if small portions need replacing. We have experts who can sand away dents and scratches, and can fill gaps in the wood. Get in touch to find out if our floor sanding experts can repair your floor.

Is floor sanding a dusty process?

Dust is generated when sanding floors. This is normal. But our company uses specialist sanding machines that remove dust during the process. Our floor sanding process is minimally disruptive. We can also have our sanding teams arrive out of office hours. This way, we can complete the work around your office schedule.

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for free floor restoration advice or an obligation free quote?