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Repairing Your Floor

Some floors are in such bad condition that we are not able to immediately restore them to their once beautiful glory. In these cases we will need to repair your floor prior to re-finishing it.

Whether dry rot, woodworm or water has damaged your floor, we can help repair the floor so it is in a stable condition that will last for years to come. Luckily, our London floor restoration team is more than qualified to note these serious issues and follow through with the necessary repairs.

Free Floor Repair Quote

Not only will we repair the damage for you but we also offer a free quote. That’s right, our London floor sanding team will come in and fully assess your wooden floors and provide you with a free estimate as to the cost for repairs.

From there, you will be able to decide if you want to continue the floor restoration process; however, we should note that letting a damaged floor go unchecked can result in serious harm to your property. Naturally, we recommend taking advantage of our free estimate and repairing your floor before things deteriorate further.

Rising Damp

While rising damp problems are less serious than they actually look, it is definitely a problem that is unsightly and quite unhealthy for your floors and surrounding walls. If left unchecked, a damp problem will cause timber decay and heat loss and can spread to the walls, breaking down the plaster and becoming a much bigger issue for your home.

Wet Rot

Given the heavy amount of rainfall in the London area, wet rot ends up being one of the more common flooring issues that we deal with.Luckily, treating wet rot is not too difficult. Our floor sanding team will come in and remove the moisture source and dry out the surrounding wood to prevent the dampness from spreading further.

Common Floor Issues

In order to give you a better understanding of the importance of repairing your floors, here are a few of the more common issues for people in the London area.

Identifying Wet Rot

You will know if your floor has wet rot if you see these symptoms:

  • Wood is very damp
  • Wood may be cracked or very dark looking
  • Your floor will crumble if prodded with a screwdriver

These are all signs that you are experiencing wet rot. Don’t worry though, as our flooring specialists can come in and provide you with a free quote and then begin eradicating your wet rot problem.

Dry Rot

A more difficult wood flooring issue is dry rot. This is a serious problem that can jeopardize the integrity of your entire structure. Basically, dry rot occurs when you have a living, growing fungus inhabiting your floors and it goes on to consume and destroy the wooden components of your house.

A Few Symptoms For Dry Rot Include

  • Flooring is brown in colour and those areas are dry and brittle
  • The wood floor will easily break or crumble in your hand
  • Fine greyish strands will appear as a result of the dry rot spores

While correcting this problem is more difficult than fixing wet rot or rising damp issues, our floor sanding team is highly qualified and will ease your concerns by providing you with a free estimate and repairing your floors quickly before the integrity of your home is jeopardized

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