You have probably heard about sanding your floor in an attempt to restore it to its natural beauty. At this point, you may be wondering how sanding your floor can help it look good again.Sanding is just one part of the floor re-finishing process but it is a pretty important part. So what is the point of sanding your hardwood floor? Before you can re-finish the floor, you need to get all of the scratches and worn down parts out of the floor. This is where sanding comes in. By sanding it down, you will be able to apply a new coat of finish and have your floors looking brand new.

Not all sanding is the same though as there are two main types of sanding:


When you think of buffing, you probably have flashbacks to your old high school teacher running a buffer across the gym floor to get the scuff marks out. Well, it is the same sort of thing here.

Buffing is only for floors that have small, shallow scratches and no dents. Basically, buffing is for floors that are slightly worn out but don’t have any serious damage. The process consists of taking a buffing machine, much like the one your janitor was using, and removing the top layer of stain from your floor.

Buffing will leave your floor with a dull shine, if that makes any sense. Once you have the entire floor buffed, you can then apply the finish and your floor will be back to new.


On the other hand, if your floor has been damaged by deep scratches and dents, or is worn down quite a bit, then you will need to sand your floor. This process is much more intensive as you need to take your floor down to the original wood. By going deeper into the wood, you are able to remove all of the floor’s imperfections caused by dogs, high-heels and everything else that damaged your beautiful hardwood over the years.

Sanding requires the use of a drum or an orbital sander and it takes quite a lot of practice to get really good with these machines. You will need to do several passes over the floor starting with a coarse grit paper and working your way up to finer sandpaper.

Once your floor has been sanded, you will be left with a smooth, even floor that is ready for the finishing touches. Sanding will always be a more tedious and intensive job compared to buffing but if your floor is in rough shape, it is the only way to go if you want to restore it back to its former glory.