Over the centuries, hardwood has been the flooring material of choice for many people because it is a beautiful, durable and unique material. Hardwood floors are never identical. Even when different floors use the same type of wood, the type of grain chosen will affect the aesthetics and durability of the floor. It also affects its colour scheme, resistance to mould and general degradation.
We take a look below at some of the main reasons why many people choose hardwood flooring regardless of whether they are restructuring a porch, building an addition or renovating a kitchen.

Variety of finishes

Hardwood flooring makes it easy to customise spaces through the selection of finishing. Do you love a rustic atmosphere? You can deploy an unfinished hardwood floors installation. If you love a shiny or matte look, you can use lacquered flooring. Lacquered flooring also adds protection.

Lasts long

With adequate care, hardwood floors can last a lifetime or longer. Even when floors get scratched or too dull, the best sanding and refinishing experts in Lewisham will have it looking like new in very little time. The refinishing can be done without replacing the wood across the entire floor. Unlike other forms of flooring, slightly worn wooden flooring is pleasing to the eye.

Easy installation process

The installation process for hardwood floors is fairly straightforward and simple. It may be challenging for an inexperienced hand but expert installers can do it little time. The expert sets straight lines to guide the installation and work by following and piercing woods with nails right across the line. This creates the perfect finish while the wood is nailed down properly. Avoid doing the hardwood installation on your own if you are inexperienced as it is a great way to lose your investment through wrong choices. In worst case scenarios, you may severely injure yourself.

Retains value

Homes with hardwood flooring retain their value more than alternative flooring options types. This is because such floors rarely go out of style.

Easy cleaning

People with pets and allergies understand the need to clean floors and completely keep them tidy. Hardwood flooring makes this relatively easy as it doesn’t harbour bad smells or dust particles as you would expect from a carpet. This makes it a great choice for anyone that is health conscious.
These are some of the reasons why you should consider hardwood flooring for your next project. The presence of hardwood installation and floor sanding experts in Lewisham means you will enjoy your flooring for a lifetime. Are you looking to sell your home in future? Going the hardwood floor route will help you get the value your home deserves!