At GJP, we love how hardwood floors always just seem to give any room a dash of sophistication. For our customers looking to buy in London, it’s surprising how much a good hardwood floor will sway their decision, mainly because authentic hardwood floors are a universal sign of quality in a home. In many cases though, buyers find themselves having to shed out the costs of refinishing their floors in order to bring them up and have them looking their best. All a worthy investment however, as a well kept hardwood floor will stay with you for decades!

The good news for today’s customers is that wood technology is now more advanced than ever before, meaning that you can retain the benefits of a timeless hardwood floor without experiencing the drawbacks. There is an extensive variety of floorboards to choose from; different types of wood, shades and plank sizes. Additionally, there are now more finishes to choose from than ever before, they are more robust, they last longer, and the end result will differ from finish to finish.

Different types of hardwood flooring

Most of our London customers opt for fitting or refurbishing traditional, hardwood floorboards that are made from solid wood. But there are now engineered options available to suit your needs for example, laminate. Though it is no longer a new, revolutionary technology, it is a popular option among London landlords who are wanting ago achieve a classic look for less. New and less popular in London but more so in The States are engineered floors, made up of composite. These are perfect for basements and new homes build on concrete.


Facts about hardwood floors

  1. Many people are misinformed by the myth that hardwood floors are a fire safety hazard. Not only is this false, but the opposite is actually true. It is sturdier than most materials and doesn’t melt of burn as quickly as it’s synthetic counterparts. So if safety is your number one concern, you can be safe in the knowledge that your wooden floors won’t let you down!
  1. Do hardwood floors really guarantee a better house sale? We can’t confirm this ideology to be 100% accurate but we work with lots of sellers, buyers, landlords and realtors. Almost across the board, we are told that homes with hardwood floors don’t only sell quicker, but are bought for a better price than similar properties that don’t have hardwood flooring. So if you’re looking to invest, we don’t call hardwood floors ‘timeless’ for no reason!
  1. Are hardwood floors really suitable for all year round? Provided you use the correct protection, hardwood floors can survive the brightest sunlight and the dampest of damp. Of course, when you deal with wood, there is unfortunately no way to make it completely waterproof without the help of a magician; wet wood will warp over time. A good polyurethane finish is the most water resistant product you can apply to your floor! So if you’re looking to withstand the foul, wet, London winter, then know that there are definitely ways to make your floors equally as protected!