It doesn’t matter if you have new floors, old floors, antique floors, or simply battered floors, floor restoration is a fantastic way to add character and style to your home of business premises. When the age of modernism hit a few decades ago, many hardwood floors were demolished or simply covered up with carpet. Lucky for our customers however, London is home to many beautiful buildings whose authentic hardwood floors are being rediscovered today. We believe that they’re at timeless beauty and with our floor restoration skills here at GJP, we’re helping put the character back into London homes everywhere.

What is actually entailed when it comes to floor restoration?

Removing damaged floor, fixing damaged floor, sanding and resealing the newly exposed surface are all components of floor restoration that our GJP team carry out in a daily basis. We help assess what we can do to help give your floors a new breath of life. The choices are endless so we’ll take into account the current condition of your floorboards and what you want them to look like in their end state in order to give you the best recommendations.

Thinking with the environment in mind

Unlike its laminate counterparts, choosing hardwood floor restoration is the environmentally friendly option as it doesn’t involve cutting down trees or manufacturing plastic synthetics. Floorboards can last a century so no matter how past their best they look, a quick GJP analysis will soon get you on the road to refinishing them back to the highest quality possible.

Hygienic too!

You may not think so at first but if you compare bare wood floors to carpets, hardwood floors are definitely more hygienic. Though it is definitely the warmer, snugger option, carpet hoards dust and all sorts of bacteria that aren’t good, particularly if you’re asthmatic. They’re also great at concealing the dirt so even if you vacuum religiously, you can never get a carpet squeaky clean. Hard wood floors show up dust and grime instantly and they’re super easy to keep looking fresh, clean and full of life.

And economical, what else would you want?

There are so many different options when it comes to floor restoration, all of which will leave you with a beautiful, characterful house. They’re also an investment and it will outlive a carpet plenty of times over. In fact, if you’re looking to buy a new floor, they often come with a guarantee of up to 100 years and can be restored 10 times (once a decade). However, GJP always recommend looking at restoration options first because putting in a brand new wooden floor is expensive. So even if you think your floorboards are completely past it, the likelihood is we’ll be able to find a variety of solutions to help you build the house of your dreams. Our customers are always amazed at how we’re able to achieve such amazing restorations on battered down floorboards and always at a fraction of the price of a new floor.