When in good shape, hard wood floors are very beautiful. Unfortunately, hardwood floor like other flooring options do not last forever. Regardless of extent of care, the floor will lose its shine years down the line. Unlike other flooring options however, floor sanding will in many cases bring back the lost beauty of the floor. This piece takes a look at important facts you need to keep in mind about floor sanding.

You don’t need to wait till the floor gets too worn

If you allow the finish on the hardwood floor to completely wear off before calling in floor sanding experts, the bare wood would be affected. This will make the bare wood expensive as there would be need to replace the hardwood.

Floor sanding is a stress free process for the family

Many people ignore obvious signs for floor sanding because they fear dust, odour and even relocating the family to get the job done. The best floor sanding experts in Merton have what it takes to run the project from start to finish without subjecting your family, pets and property to any levels of discomfort. In fact, depending on the extent of the task, you can begin walking around the sanded and refinished floor in 24 hours or less. Dust containment systems used by these experts eliminate dust by more than 95%.


Water based finish is good

Many people erroneously believe that water based finishes aren’t as durable as oil-based finish. Experts on the other hand know that there is very little difference in both types of floor finish. In fact, there have been numerous cases where water based finishes held up better than oil based finishes when placed under the same level of stress! Water based finish also has the advantage of being odourless making it home friendly. Oil based finishes contain harmful fumes that may require vacation of the space for extended periods of time.

Go Pro

DIY may be beneficial in many situations but for floor sanding and floor restoration, it is the fastest route to frustration. Disruption of family or work life, dust and working for extended periods are the common features of floor sanding that is not done professionally. This is in addition to the almost inevitable double expenditure as a result of use of wrong materials. Work with floor sanding experts in Merton and you won’t witness any of these frustrations.

Cleaning remains important after floor sanding

Regardless of how professional the floor sanding is, not cleaning the floors regularly with the right products is a sure way to shorten the lifespan of the floor. Look for cleaning agents that are efficient and also safe for family and pets.