Though it’s a technique that’s been used for years, our customers rarely know what lime washing does and how it can benefit their London home. When it first came about, it was used to protect the wood but more recently, it’s been adopted to achieve a bleached wood effect. Simple, easy and effective, you can give your floorboards the makeover they deserve by using lime washing as the end results are light and refreshing. What was once a poor persons quick fix to not having to paint has quickly become a fashionable must-have among home renovators.

So, how does lime washing actually work?

A combination of calcium hydroxide and chalk is how a lime wash was initially created but these days, people usually use diluted paint solution. Perfect if you’re looking to decorate your home with a colour scheme of whites, creams and natural, light shades, applying a lime wash to your floors will brighten them considerably, giving them a white, weathered look. Renowned for its versatility however, as lime washing is also really flattering if you’re using a bright colour scheme!

Advice for choosing the DIY lime washing option

London is a busy place and here at GJP, we’re happy to cater for the busy customer who needs their floor renovation to occur seamlessly around their hectic work life. If however, you find yourself with a week off and in need of a DIY project, lime washing is a great option as it’s a fairly straight forward process. Simply strip the floor free of any surface finishing right down to the bare wood. Clean your floors to remove any dust and debris and then you’ll be ready to lime wash. GJP recommend not applying a lime wash to new floors as there’s a possibility of damaging them!

Making and applying your lime wash

Mix together paint thinner and an oil-based white paint until you have a near translucent solution. Use a sheepskin applicator or a roller to apply the white wash to your floor as this will give you a smooth, streak free finish. Apply as much lime wash as you want to your floor. The more you apply, the more dramatic the effect will be. The wash will need a day to dry and a coat of polyurethane varnish to seal. You can find this at any London-based hard-wear store.


The pros of choosing a lime wash

If you’ve read this far are finding the idea of white, stained wood flooring a nit bizarre, it might be worth taking into account that lime wash flooring is incredibly apt at concealing the dirt and grime of busy London life. As long as you don’t stomp black footprints through your living room (it might be worth investing in a handy doormat), white floors are actually better at dirt hiding than black floors, where dust is more obvious. White looks clean, looks fresh and is at the height of present day floor fashion!