One of the first questions that is normally asked when you realise that your hardwood floors look a little beat up is “How much is this project going to cost me?”As you might expect, the cost will be variable depending on the size of your room, if you just need to buff the floor or if you need to sand right down to the wood. Another big factor of cost will be whether you decide to do it yourself or if you hire a wood floor sanding professional, such as GJP Floor Sanding London. Let’s take a look to see how much you can expect if you do the work yourself or if you hire a professional floor re-finishing company.

DIY Floor Re-finishing

If you go after this project yourself, it is important to note that this will be a loud, dusty and time-consuming job. Take into account that you should have good ear protection and a high quality air respirator.

To buff out the top layer of the floor and recoat it, you will need to rent a buffer and pick up about a gallon of polyurethane floor finish for a 15 ft by 15 ft room. To rent the buffer for the day, you are looking at a cost between £50 and £85. The gallon of polyurethane will run to about £40/gallon.

Not accounting for your time, you are looking to spend close to £130 to simply buff off the top layer and recoat the floor.

Unfortunately, buffing will not work if your floor has been finished with wax or oil, which is a common practice in the industry. If this is the case, you will need to sand the floor down before re-finishing.

If we use the same 15 ft by 15 ft space as above, it would cost you about £165 to rent a drum sander and buy sand paper for a day. Of course the time and effort to sand the floor down before re-finishing is extensive. This is a tough job and requires attention to detail and some skill.

Hiring Wood Floor Restoration Experts

Naturally, hiring a professional floor sanding company will cost more but you won’t have to deal with the headache of sanding and re-finishing your floor. As well, you know that the work will be completed properly and the floor will look great once all is said and done.

The cost for a professional company to simply buff your floor and re-finish it would be about £1.50 per square foot.

If your floor requires sanding and re-finishing then a company such as GJP Floor Sanding London can carry out this work using their dust-free machines at a cost of around £3 per square foot.

Obviously, the price points vary depending on the home, but this should give you an idea of what it costs to re-finish your wood floor.