Clifton Private Residence

This lovely home in Clifton had exposed wood running all throughout that showed major signs of wear and tear. With sealants also running between the planks, this floor looked rough, and didn’t match the charm of the exterior.

Fortunately, our sanding services were able to buff our all of those years of treading, giving the family long stretches of wood that looked just like new—even on the stairs! You’ll see our wonderful process of helping home owners pick the perfect stain to match their style with our color grid—giving you the opportunity to see what a difference the stain makes and how different stains would change your flooring.

In the end, this home went with a brighter stain that helped to really reflect and showcase the natural light present in every room. It’s the perfect way to instantly make a room feel brighter and airier than before, as you can see in this video.