Kingston upon Thames Private House

With this lovely home in Kingston Upon Thames, GJP professionals used their expertise to find problem spots around fireplaces and breaks in the wood flooring’s intricate pattern. We then used our skills to pull up boards and make all necessary repairs. Next, we filled in these problem spots with new wood to maintain the floors beautiful pattern. A dark stain was applied all over making every piece, both old and new, shine with character and detail that will perfectly compliment their furniture and décor.

No problem is too great for GJP experts to handle, and even serious damage doesn’t mean that you have to replace an entire floor. Our sanding process will work with all hardwood giving us the perfect blank canvas to work with, and the following staining process will make every piece of flooring match and look original. If your floor has sustained damage, you can trust GJP to make the repairs and make it look like nothing ever happened.