Saltdean Private House

In this video you will find what our sanding and buffing services can do for your floors. For every room of this charming home, we took the floors from the scuffed, worn and gray materials you see at the beginning to the fresh, bright, and like-new textures at the end of the video.

Our services will transform every room of any home, giving you shining floors to accentuate windows, wall colors, and trims. Here you can also see the remarkable difference that our top of the line equipment makes for textures in your hard wood floors. For the Saltdean home, the floors go from a rugged texture to smooth, clean lines that perfectly match their big, open windows. Our sanding process can take any floor, no matter how rough in the beginning, to the perfect texture and shimmer for your home. Just like here, we can bring our unique process and dedication to give you the perfect floors you’ve always wanted.