Soho Private Residence

A flat with prestigious address, this Soho private residence’s wood floors had unfortunately become too shabby to be chic. Normal wear and tear will lead to the scuff marks and fading that you see here, especially if the wood is not properly cleaned and cared for. This can make interiors feel less luxurious and inviting than they really are. As you will see, GJP experts were able to clean the floors up and then apply one of our special waxes, making it much more elegant and welcoming.

In this video you can see the tremendous difference that varnishes and a proper cleaning can make. The unfinished look of the wood before treatment makes it appear both rough and somewhat unstable. With just one coat of varnish though, the wood starts to literally shine, giving floors a glossy, finished look that will complement furniture and the room’s significant natural light. Having the perfect address isn’t always enough, and this video shows what a difference properly treated floors can make in completing the look of any residence.