Tunbridge Wells Private Residence

For this charming countryside home, our reliable crews gave the floor proper vacuuming and polishing that it needed. We also, as you will see, sanded and stripped down giving the perfect flooring for an open concept main floor.

For their open kitchen, dining, and sitting room, we used a great stain that alternates between dark and light colors. Giving the flooring an interesting dynamic feel that allows it to go well with multiple pieces of furniture, like their darker dining room table and a white kitchen island. The alternating wood here feels warm, while for the other side of the room, white furniture helps to bring out its bright tones making it feel a bit more pristine and elegant. It’s the perfect example of how your décor choices can really bring out the best in your flooring and vice versa. For any room, any furniture, or any style, there is the perfect hardwood floor to match as the beautiful Tunbridge Wells Residence shows us.