Woodlands Private House

For this home in the Woodlands, you can see the work goes into brand new hardwood floors. If your home has never had hardwood floors and will need completely new flooring installed, GJP experts are ready and prepared to give you a beautiful, shining floor built to last. We completely tear out old flooring, being careful to respect all structural integrity, before laying down beautiful new hardwood.

If your floor has been damaged beyond repair, hardwood is the perfect choice for a completely new floor that will increase the value of your home, make every room look great, and is built to last. Even if your home hasn’t sustained major damage, but you are simply thinking it’s time for a change, call in our experts to discuss your options. We will walk you through the process you can see here in the video, showing you exactly what options are available, how long the process of new floor installation takes, and the beautiful hardwood you can expect when the job is done.