Worthing Grey Private Residence

GJP loves to accept challenges and we trust that our professional equipment and highly trained staff can bring the best out of any hardwood floor, no matter the damage or particular issues. As you can see in the above video, the Worthing Grey is a charming residence with plenty of character and plenty of damage to their hardwood flooring. With years of wear and tear, floors had become discolored and mismatched even on the stairs. There were also quite a few areas in need of major repairs.

Fortunately, our team was up to the task. In the video, you can see the incredible transformation as the floors go from grey to bright and shining. Our sanding services will take away years of neglect or heavy use, leaving the perfect flooring to stain to any color you desire in living areas, hallways, and even stairs. After we are done, your floors will look like new, without having to sacrifice one bit of character.