During a wood floor re-finishing project you will notice several things; Sanding machines are loud, dust will inevitably be created and spread throughout the house & the floor finishing products such as oils and lacquers stink.  We always want you to be safe when we are completing a wood floor restoration job, which is why we recommend wearing high quality ear protection. This will help block out the sound and keep your ears from ringing.

As well, you will want to use a high quality respirator during the re-finishing project, especially when sanding the floor and applying the finish.

Know Your Finishes

Once you get a whiff of the oil or lacquer, you will most likely be asking yourself (or us) if the finish is safe. Well, it is safe to use oil, wax or lacquer on your hardwood floors, however, depending on the type of finish, the fumes will be strong.

Using an oil-based product will present stronger smells than water-based lacquers and you may want to consider spending some time out of the house while this process is being completed. Typically, there have been reports of people getting headaches from the strong smelling oil-based products.

If you use a company that only works with water-based lacquers then you shouldn’t have as much of an issue as with the oil-based products. While you will still have odour in the house, it shouldn’t cause headaches or any health issues at all.

Oil-Based Lacquer

If you decide to go the route of an oil-based lacquer or an oil in general then you may have strong fumes in your home for up to a week. Depending on your sensitivity to smell, this could be a major disruption to day to day living.  We recommend using fans, opening windows and keeping doors to bedrooms and other family gathering rooms closed as an extra precaution.

While there will not be any long term damage caused from the finish that is applied to your floor, you can most likely expect to deal with some discomfort during and immediately after the finish application process. As such, try to plan accordingly to prevent this from disrupting your daily life.

Plan Ahead

Some customers will hire GJP Floor Sanding London to come in and re-finish their floors while they are away on vacation. This allows plenty of time for the house to air out and they get to come home to a nice smelling home with an amazing new floor.

It is always wise to plan for the worst so have a strategy in place to deal with the fumes from re-finishing your floor