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Stage 1: Repairing Floors That Are In Bad Condition

Floor Repair

Accidents happen and sometimes your floor will get damaged as a result. Don’t worry, this doesn’t always mean that you need to replace your entire floor. In most cases, we are able to repair your floor and make it look better than new with minimal costs to the homeowner.

How Does Your Wooden Floor Get Damaged?

There are many ways that your floor can become damaged. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Scratching, which causes deep indents;
  • Long-term water damage;
  • Dropping heavy items on your beautiful wooden floor; and
  • Burning your floor (yes, we have seen hot objects placed directly on the floor cause some serious damage).

Restoration for All Types of Wood Floors

No matter how your floor became damaged, we have several different techniques up our sleeves to help us repair wooden floors. Whether we end up patching the floor, resurfacing it or suggesting another method, you can be sure that your floor repair is in great hands with our experienced staff.

We understand that home renovations can be a stressful time so we do our best to use our 30+ years of experience to work efficiently and take all the stress out of your floor repair or wood floor restoration project.

It doesn’t matter what type of floor you have, we are capable to repairing, restoring and refinishing a variety of wood floors including:

  • Parquet flooring;
  • Engineered wood flooring;
  • Solid wood flooring;

  • Strip flooring;
  • Laminate flooring; and
  • Sprung flooring.

In fact, our experienced flooring experts are also able to easily and effectively repair dance floors as well as sport floors. No matter the type of wood flooring that needs to be repaired, we are here to ease your concerns and give your wood flooring the TLC it deserves.

Floor Repairs Done the Right Way

When floor repairs are not handled by experienced and professional wood floor re-finishing experts, you can end up with some major issues including:

  • Movement of the floor as a result of improper use of adhesives, screwing or nailing errors;
  • Gaps in between the floor boards due to improper spacing; and
  • The failure of the entire floor. Bad repairs in one section of your floor can impact the entire floor of your room, causing the whole floor to fail. At this point, floor replacement will likely be your best option.

Don’t trust your flooring repair job to just anyone. Make sure you get an experienced wood floor restoration crew that will give you peace of mind and quality results.

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