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Looking for expert wood floor sanding for your London school?

Do you own or run a London school and want your school’s wooden floors to look their finest? Then you’ll need specialist wood floor sanding. At GJP floor sanding, we offer premium school floor sanding services in London.

If your school has been in existence for over fifty years, most areas will likely have wood flooring. Unfortunately, wood floors also suffer wear and tear. Replacing worn out floors is costly. A better option is sanding the floors to restore their glorious look.

No matter the state of your school floor or the type of wood used, GJP floor sanding can sand and restore the floors. This will save you money and last for decades.

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What Is Floor Sanding?

floor sanding refers to using abrasive materials to shave off the surface of a wooden floor. This technique is primarily used to smooth an uneven floor. Sanding will boost the attractiveness and remove any irregularities. Additionally, sanding is used to preserve the look of old floors.

To achieve the best sanding result, using fine grade equipment is crucial. Factors such as the structure of the floor is also important in the sanding process.

It is vital that you engage the services of professionals when it comes to floor sanding. This is what we are known for at GJP floor sanding.

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Why Sand the Floor of your London School?

Saves Money

Local authority have been slashing education budgets around the country. This means there is no money to replace school floors. Sanding your worn school floor saves you money, restoring your floors to its former glory. You will be amazed at how little it can cost to completely restore a premium wood floor.

Improves Safety

There is a tendency for old wood floors to develop blisters, gaps, and cracks over the years. Sanding removes these blisters and cracks which result in a smooth surface. That means your students can now comfortably walk on the floor without the fear of being injured.

Prevents Damage

Your wood floor can be damaged without you knowing. This is because not all blemishes and damages are immediately visible. Sanding eliminates the damage and blemishes and prevents further damage.

Increases Beauty and Value

No matter how old or faded your floor is, sanding can make it appear new again. And when your floors look beautiful, the look and value of your school improve as well.

Adds Strength and Resistant

Sanding levels up and smooths your floor surface. It makes the nails tighter and closes any existing gaps between the floorboards. All these combine to make your whole floor stronger and more traffic-resistant.

Makes Cleaning Easier and Quicker

A well-sanded and finished floor collects little dust. This makes cleaning easier. All you’ll need to keep the floor clean and sparkling is a sweeping and cleaning with a wet mop.

Prevent Pests

A clean and well sanded floor is unattractive to pests. All those tiny crevices and gaps in the floor where insects hide will be filled in when you sand your floor.

As you can see, there are just so many reasons to consider floor sanding for your London school. Why not get in touch with us to talk more about your needs. Call 02036 978431 as soon as you are ready.

Our School Floor Sanding Process

Step 1: Assessment

We will visit your school for an evaluation of the existing floor. We examine the present condition of floors, past history and use. We then recommend what is required to return your floor to its original glory. At this stage, we will offer you a free, no-obligation quote for the project.

Step 2: Preparation

This is a fundamental stage in sanding and restoring your school floor. No matter what sort of wood flooring your school floor is, we will prepare the surface in preparation to sand it. We do this by removing the existing finish and cleaning it up.


Now, the floor is primed for its first sanding session. We approach this stage using the best method and machinery. We use the most sophisticated, industrial-grade sanding machine on the market. Combined with attention to detail, the result is a high standard of quality.

Step 4: Finishing

When we are convinced the sanding is well done, we apply the finishing.

At GJP FLOOR SANDING, we use a range of non-toxic floor finish. This is to to ensure the safety of your pupils, staff, and visitors. After application, we leave it to dry.

Ready to give your school facility a new look and feel? Call 02036 978431 to explore your options today.

Why Choose GJP Floor Sanding for Your School Floor Sanding?

Free Advice and Supplies

We can also recommend the appropriate floor maintenance programme. Your in-house maintenance team can use this to keep the floors looking great for as long as possible. This is a vital part of our responsibility, keeping your floors appealing for longer.

Competitive Pricing

We’ve done our homework to make sure our costs are sustainable, and you get value for money. Unless the floors need major repairs, we won’t come up with extra costs. And before incurring any extra cost, we will get your approval.

Child-Safe Products

At GJP Floor Sanding, we take the health and safety of teachers, parents, and pupils seriously. To ensure a healthy environment, we use equipment and products that are safe, always.

Quality Service

Our pledge to give your London school nothing but the best floor sanding possible. And we keep our promise. We don’t oversell our floor sanding services. Rather we operate within the limits of what we know can be done and done very well.

We Work on Any Type of School Floor

We provide sanding for different types of schools in London. These include elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, among others. No matter the type of school facility you have, we can handle your floor restoration project.

Experienced and Professional Sanders

Our floor sanding experts are skilled and can work with any wood. Our expertise cover walnut, oak, olive, alder, plum, ash, and other premium varieties. We have expertise in sanding exotic hardwood flooring, softwood, and engineered wood floors.

We will make the floors smooth, even and clean. We will use only appropriate materials safe for teens and young children.

Dust containment system

Due to the dust extraction system we use on every job, all of our wood floor sanding services are dust-free. This means that there is almost nothing to clean up. After the floor restoration, you can begin operations after a very little time.

To find out more of what we can do for your school, call 02036 978431 to speak to one of our experts.

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Areas We Cover in London

We work on school sanding job all around the London area. If your school is located within the boundary of the A25, then we can come to you and sand and finish your wood floors. From Watford and Enfield in the North to Rumford Ilford and Addiscombe in the east. We also cover Bromley, Croydon and Epson in the South and down to Weybridge and Hayes in the West. We can help with your project. We’ve also done lots of school floors in the centre of London. We have also worked in the city areas. Places like Kensington, Westminster, Wembley, Fulham, Brent Cross and Stratford.

We often find ourselves traveling around the A25 down the M1 heading to school sanding jobs. These jobs take place mostly during the weekends. This is so that we cause minimal disruption to school life.

Get in touch today if you need a school wooden floor sanded anywhere in the capital city of England.

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Please feel free to contact us if you would like to request a quotation on our services. You can also get in touch to find out more about our floor sanding service and how it will impact your school.

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You can also take things forward by requesting a free, no-obligation quote immediately.


Why do I need to hire professional floor sander?

Sanding and restoration of a school floor can seem like a fairly easy task but it requires expertise to do it well. Otherwise, you’re taking the chance of tiny defects in wood that someone not trained will miss.  This will cost you more down the road to fix.

What is the best finish for hardwood floors?

Polyurethane is the best and most sought-after surface coating for hardwood floors.  It handles heavy traffic quite well and can withstand anything thrown at it. Two types of polyurethane finishes exist: oil-based and water-based. They both have the pros and cons but neither is a bad choice.

Will there be a lot of dust during the floor sanding?

Although some dust will undoubtedly be generated, our sanding machines are 99%  dust-free. Note: working on a very uneven floor will produce a higher amount of dust than would normally occur.

Can my wooden floor be restored?

At GJP FLOOR SANDING, we can save and refinish almost all old and worn floors. Planks damaged by termites may be patched or replaced if they cannot be recovered.

What other flooring services do you offer in London?

For several years, we have been carrying out wooden floors sanding in schools all over London. We have worked in elementary, secondary, technical colleges and universities. Our services include complete restoration, repair and maintenance of wood flooring in schools.

On request, we can show you our portfolio of commercial buildings where we have worked in the past. For further information please contact us.

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