You can’t ignore the popularity of wooden floors. A timeless, fashionable asset that many London homeowners are blessed with, the wider the floorboard, the more stylish the floor! The choice of wood and the spectrum of colour is also endless, from light oak to wenge wood, even if you restrict yourself to one type of wood, the variety of finishes available to you are quite frankly endless.


It is possible to change and tint the colour of wood through simple staining procedures. Darkening is easier to achieve, but you can lighten the colour of your floors through lime washing. Here at GJP, our London customers prefer the natural colour of the wood they choose, and some like a subtle, smoked stain which is very popular right now. We recommend staying away from the darker stains because even the smallest scratch can reveal the true colour of the wood underneath. This makes damage both very visible and a pain to try and repair.

Varnishes and Oils

Once you’re happy with the colour of your floorboards, you’re once again met with an array of different sealant options. There are three main categories; polyurethane, varnish and oil. We recommend hiring in a specialist to seal your floors for the first time. Here at GJP, we will sand your floor and give it a professional finish without disrupting your busy, city schedule. We cover the entire length and breadth of London so wherever you are, you can be safe in the knowledge that your floor sanding experts are close by. Unless you badly damage your floor, it’s much easier to maintain your hardwood floors by yourself after the initial sanding and finishing process, especially if you opt for varnish as we recommend here at GJP. You need only wash your floor with a soft cloth and the rest will maintain itself!

Oils unfortunately require slightly more maintenance. If you opt for an oil finish, you’ll need to reapply every few months for the first year, and a couple of times annually from then on. Not necessarily the best option if you’re a busy Londoner, but oil is marginally more forgiving than varnish when it comes to damage. It is possible to re-oil a single floorboard should it become scratched or dented without having to completely reseal the rest of the floor.

Our verdict?

It’s impossible to come to a conclusion when it comes to floor finishes. At GJP, we’ll assess you London property and give you advice according to how the interior shall be used, as this is the best way to fundamentally decide which finish is best for you. For example, oil finishes are good for short term letting tenancies as you can refinish easily during maintenance periods.

Knowledge is your best friend if you’re planning on refinishing your hardwood floors. Read through our other blog posts on our site to gain knowledge on the sorts of things that are available and the benefits/ drawbacks that accompany them.