At GJP we’ve seen it all! We often have customers come to us convinced that their floors are completely beyond repair and we stand by our claim that with the right treatment, even the oldest, shabbiest hardwood floorboards in the depths of Central London can look fabulous. This is why our professional floor refinishing services are so popular with our customers in the London area. And it is in London where it is most common to be renovating your home only to find that you’re lucky enough to own authentic, solid, wood floors. Even if they require extensive work done, we find that never is it not worth spending time on them. They’ll be worth it!

This doesn’t just go for home owners as the same potential is there for those who own a business premises. Why would you cover up your solid wood floors with carpet when given the professional treatment, it could create the perfect business atmosphere for potential clients. Especially in London where business is fruitful, image is often what gives people the edge! With timeless, fashionable hardwood floors, you have the potential to redesign the face if your company.

Distressed Hardwood Floors

If your looking to add character and warmth to your home then brand new floorboards can often look a bit industrial and rather out of place without their natural wear and tear. With the help of a professional finish some quirky sanding, GJP can give your floorboards the desired distressed look so your floors can look homely in days as opposed to decades!

Parquet Flooring

Parquet floors are somewhat rare these days since they fell out of fashion towards the end of the 20th century and loads found themselves being torn out of buildings everywhere. Fashion always comes back around though and today, potential buyers and landlords are seeking far and wide for London’s remaining parquet floors in order to find, buy and preserve them. It doesn’t take much, a simple refinish and the correct floor sanding techniques can restore a parquet floor exactly as it was invented years ago.

Engineered Flooring

Everything can be engineered these days and this certainly doesn’t stop at flooring. If you’re not blessed with original wood flooring in your home, it is possible to fit a wooden floor over your existing floor or even just the underlay.

Ballroom Flooring

Floors that are used for dancing on are in constant need of restoration and repair. What’s more, they need particular care and attention as you couldn’t apply the same products to a ballroom floor as you would to your home with the perfect, distressed floorboards. Smooth, even surfaces are a must for dancers as the tiniest crack can leave them unsuitable to dance on. Not a job easily carried out by anyone either but have no fear, our team at GJP are experts at floor repairs too!

Count on Us

So whatever the floor, whatever the condition, not only are GJP sure to inundate you with advice as to how you can obtain the floor of your dreams, they’ll pull in their team of experts to help make that a reality!