At GJP, our customers are always trying to give their homes that timeless, classic sophistication that is so popular in the city. Hardwood flooring is definitely the way to go but when it comes to stretching this design to every corner of your home, kitchen included, we’re always being asked if it’s a good idea. The short answer is ‘yes, looks great! You’ll get food on it though!’ So for that reason we’ve decided to compile a guide explaining exactly what to expect from the hardwood floors in your kitchen!


Style  – Hardwood flooring is guaranteed to stay in fashion no matter how many times you renovate the kitchen. Even it’s synthetic counterparts don’t come close to the real thing; a kitchen with laminate flooring is just a pretender!

Warmth – Living in London (or the arctic as it’s better known in the winter), comes with sky high bills if you want to keep your home at a remotely tolerable temperature during the winter. Hardwood floors give you that extra bit of insulation that you’d never get from cold tiles!

Value – It can’t be ignored that homes with hardwood floors not only sell faster, but sell for better prices than similar properties without hardwood floors. So if you’re looking to make a long term investment in your home, look no further than the power of hardwood!

Versatility – A good quality hardwood floor can be forever refinished and resealed so no matter how many times you decide to change the style of your kitchen, the hardwood floor is adaptable and timeless and lasts a lifetime given the right care and attention.


Price – We might as well start with the biggest con which is that fitting a new hardwood floor doesn’t come cheap. Laminate definitely does have the edge as far as cost is concerned but just remember, hardwood outlives most other floor coverings many times over and will serve you for a lifetime!

Clean, clean and clean again – They only look their best when they’re spotless which is quite a hard task to maintain, especially in a busy kitchen in the heart of London. But if you’re prepared to spend half your time sweeping, they’ll reward you by always being fabulous!

Maintenance – High! As is true throughout your home, hardwood floors are prone to scratches even with the fiercest of sealants. So be prepared for the task of upkeep!

Water Damage – Hardwood floors aren’t good with water damage and their is a lot of water in the kitchen. Beyond just keeping a water matt under your sink to catch overflowing droplets, it’s important you think long term about protecting your floor against water and the dangers of moisture. Severe water damage can cause the planks to warp and may result in the entire floor needing to be replaced. Ensure to use waterproof matts to catch any excess moisture from places such as pet bowls and to clean up any spills immediately to avoid paying the costs later!