Re-finishing your tired, worn out hardwood floor is a great way to bring life back to your floor and to your home. However, it is not the easiest job in the world. Something that helps make this tedious job a little easier is having the right tools on hand. There is nothing worse than trying to piece together a project simply because you didn’t plan ahead and pick up the necessary tools.

To save you some of this frustration, here are the tools that you will need for your hardwood floor re-finishing job.

Pre Sanding Cleaning Equipment

Sure this isn’t the fun stuff to use but having soap and water, a floor cleaner and a vacuum cleaner ready will make your job a lot easier in the long run. It will also help keep your house a little cleaner, which is nice.

Floor Pry Bar

During the prepping stage, you will need to remove the baseboards around the room to prevent them from getting scuffed up during the sanding stage. A good pry bar will help you to remove them carefully.

Floor Sanding Machine

If you need to sand the floor down to the wood then you will need a sanding machine. We recommend getting a high-quality floor sanding machine that has a vacuum attachment. This will greatly cut down on the dust and you will appreciate the performance you receive from a quality machine.

Floor Sanding Edger

This is smaller sanding machine meant to take care of the floors along the walls. While they can be tricky to use, they will do a nice job, giving you an even look from the wall all the way out to the middle of the room.

Sanding Belts

You will want to have a variety of sanding belts in different grits. Change these often to ensure a nice, even sanding job.

Carbide Paint Scraper

Sometimes, you need to go at this by hand. Use the carbide paint scraper to get the corners cleaned and sanded down.


The buffer will take your floor from a rough, dull look left by the sander to a smooth finish.

Wood Floor Finish

You will need to apply the sealant, stain, etc. so you will need rollers, brushes and the like to make this job go a little smoother.

Besides all of this, you will probably want to invite some friends over to help, or ideally hire a London-based floor sanding company. This really is a big job for one person so the more people the better.