Floor sanding and recovery is one of the ways to fully restore any building to its old glory. Unfortunately, there are some myths that have made a lot of people to continue postponing their sanding or spend excessively as a result of a mistake. We take a look at the most popular below.

Floor recovery and sanding is excessively dusty

This is not the case.  Most floor sanding experts in Lambeth has what it takes to do the job without generating as much dust as say, the painter or interior decorator. floor sanding generates dust of course but most of it remains within the vacuum bag and dust bag when the individual knows what he is doing.

You can’t sand without removing skirting, opening up windows and taping up doors and other valuables

Do you have skirtings or scotia mouldings that are off already or not fitted before the sanding? No need fitting them. However if they are already fitted, sanding can be done while they remain untouched. There is nothing wrong in opening the windows but experts will rather leave it closed. This is to ensure that any small dust created when emptying dust bags isn’t blown around the home.  It becomes imperative to open all windows, tape up your valuables and even send the children and pets far away from the home when the sanding is done with archaic machines. Such machines make it almost impossible to see anything when working! The best floor recovery and sanding experts in Lambeth do not work with such machines any more.

Floor sanding is easy and can be done by anyone

This is one of the most common statements you’d hear about floor sanding.  The process of fully restoring a floor to its past glory is not easy and cannot be done by anyone.  Painting and tiling for example are lauded as easy but in many occasions, DIY enthusiasts end up botching them. The same applies to floor sanding.  Anyone that is fit can push around the equipment needed for the sanding process but it takes skill, effort, patience and most importantly experience to be able to complete a quality sanding work that will stand the test of time.


It is important to paint after the sanding process

This is not true. A good sanding job will leave little to no scuffs on your wall. If your floor genuinely needs painting, it is advisable to get the painting done before the sanding.   When you sand and paint, there is a high chance of the sanding getting damaged by spots of paints, brush marks etc. Painting creates more mess than sanding in majority of cases!

With these, you can feel a lot more relaxed about the floor sanding process. As long as you work with experts, the floor sanding process is straightforward and guarantees a more beautiful floor in the end!