Choosing a new floor for any renovation work which you are doing at home can be just as difficult as selecting patterns, furniture and colour-schemes and it requires a great deal of thought. When it is done well the floor can make a real statement and it can also be used to tie together a selection of colours and patterns which you have around the room. In order to get a floor which you love and one which is fit for purpose, these are some of the key considerations which you need to make.


The location of the floor will change which types of flooring you should be looking at and this is the first thing to think about. If you are putting flooring down in the bathroom, the utility room or the kitchen then you need to bear in mind moisture build-up and splashing, so a water-resistant floor will naturally be the best choice. If you are looking for flooring for the entrance to the home then you need something which both fits in with the overall style and which can endure heavy footfall.

Styles and Patterns

Next up you need to think about what kind of message you want to send with your flooring choice. Will the floor be the talking point of the room or do you need it to work with the colours and styles which you already have? Depending on the colour and the style of flooring which you choose, you can bring light to a dark room, neutralize a colourful room with a simple and clean flooring style, or you can complement the room’s design by mirroring it with your flooring choice.


Floors can range from £5 per square meter to £500 per square meter so budgeting first is going to be important. Naturally, this will depend very much on the size of the room so once you have done your measurements and taken a look at guide prices online at a site like, sit down and work out exactly how much money you have to dedicate to your flooring choice. The importance of having a budget before you head to a flooring specialist is so that you don’t get carried away with more expensive options which may look great but leave you well in the red.


Each different flooring type needs to be maintained in different ways so this is also something which you will need to consider. For example, some flooring styles are easy to clean, simple to repair and can even be replaced. Others may be tough to repair if they are chipped or damaged, and some need more than just a quick vacuum or a wipe to clean, not ideal if you have kids! Think about what kind of floor you need from a maintenance standpoint as well as thinking about costings, styles and durability.

Take your time and explore all the options before you decide on which flooring style is right for you.