Dust Free Machines

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Dust Free Machines

In an effort to provide an enjoyable experience to our customers, we only use the highest quality sanding machines. Our machines have a high-powered vacuum attachment that catches the majority of the dust BEFORE it gets all over your house. That’s right, we can restore your wood floor without creating a disaster in your home.

We typically utilise either German or Swedish made sanders. Two of the dust free machines that are very much recognised within the industry are the Bona and Hummel sanders.

Bona Sanding Machines

The Bona sanding machine is Swedish made and has been providing superior quality in the floor sanding industry since 1919. The Bona is known for supreme quality when it comes to sanding your floor.

We have a variety of Bona sanders; belt sanders and buffers that help us finish any floor sanding job. We love our Bona sanding equipment and you will soon see the different quality machinery makes in the floor sanding game.


Efficient and Effective

Having high quality tools like the Hummel and Bona allows us to work efficiently and effectively. This usually means we will be able to finish your project quickly without sacrificing any quality. For example, our dust-free machines mean that we need to spend less time cleaning up in between sanding grits. This allows us to focus on perfecting our sanding job and getting the floor perfectly prepped for the finishing touches.

When you put high quality equipment like Hummel and Bona in the hands of experienced professionals such as the GJP Floor Sanding team then you know you will get high quality work delivered quickly. Our goal is to impress you with our level of quality and efficient process. These top-notch machines help us achieve this goal, every time.

Hummel Sanding Machines

When we are not using the Swedish Bona, we will usually have a German made Hummel sanding machine in our hands. This is another high quality tool that allows us to complete our floor sanding jobs quickly and effectively.

When it comes to sanding machines, Hummel is a world leader and always finds itself near the top of the list for quality sanding machines. They are perfect for helping us sand small or large areas and are especially great at sanding areas that have mosaic inlays with softwood.

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