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As a independent business, we are incredibly honoured to be a Which? Trusted Trader.

What is a Which? Trusted Trader?

If you are not familiar with the Trusted Trader designation, it is basically a business service that highlights amazing companies. It provides people an opportunity to find small businesses that they can trust.

Due to the strict requirements, only leading edge companies are able to become members. Businesses need to be in good standing with their community and dedicate their time and energy to satisfying their customers.

Hiring a Which? Trusted Trader lets consumers put their minds at ease. You know that professionals in the industry have vetted all businesses with this designation. You can sleep easy at night knowing that the business you just hired is reputable, competent, professional, trustworthy and financially solvent.

Strict Requirements

As mentioned, in order to become a Trusted Trader, the business must undergo a thorough assessment in which a trained professional analyzes every aspect of the business.

During this assessment, they look at customer reviews, business practices, credit history and overall reputation to ensure that the highest standards are met. This rigorous assessment is not a one-time deal either. Every year, accredited businesses will be put through the wringers to ensure they continue to meet the Trusted Trader guidelines.

The Code of Conduct

All businesses granted the Trusted Trader designation must be willing to sign a Code of Conduct. This was an easy decision for us at GJP since this Code of Conduct was perfectly aligned with our own values and mission.

The Code states that we must continue to be honest, responsible and professional. We must show these characteristics in every aspect of our business, including customer service. This Code of Conduct ensures that we will always implement the following:

Honest Job Pricing

We will never try to pull the wool over your eyes. Our moral values and the Trusted Traders’ Code of Conduct ensure that we price every job in a fair and honest manner.

We will always be transparent with our material costs, taxes and any other costs that may be associated with the job.

Ethical Invoicing

Not only will we be honest with our prices but our invoices will also be ethical. We will always provide our invoices in a prompt manner and allow a 30-day grace period.

We will always supply our VAT number on the invoice and let you know if VAT was charged or not. At the same time, we will clearly highlight any other costs that may have been incurred during the work.

Our Guarantee

You will always know what needs to be done in order for our guarantee to be valid. We will be transparent with you and show you exactly what is covered and not covered under our guarantee.

Diligent Complaint Handling

If for some reason there are complaints, we will always handle them within 28 days and we will act on any agreed upon solution within 8 weeks. If for some reason we can’t come to a mutual agreement, we will gladly work with the non-profit dispute resolution organization, the Ombudsman Services.

All complaints will be documented in writing and retained for 2 years.

Proud to be a Trusted Trader

We are incredibly proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader so we will always go the extra mile for our customers.

We will always strive to improve our services and keep our Trusted Trader designation. You can trust that when you work with GJP Floor Sanding London, you will get the best possible service and a great overall experience.

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