The most exciting part of re-finishing your hardwood floor is the last stage of the process, applying the varnish.  Sure, this step may be a little smelly, but you will finally get to see what all of your hard work was for. Your old, tired wooden floor will start to look like it originally did – new and shiny.Finishing a hardwood floor is not incredibly difficult but you certainly need to choose the right type of finish. Otherwise, you may not get the protection your floor needs.There are a few things you need to know about varnishing including which type of finishing you should be using on your hardwood floor.

Water-Based Urethane Hardwood Finish

This is among the most popular type of wood floor finishes out there. The benefits of a water-based urethane are numerous including the lack of smell and its durability. A water-based urethane will act as a solid sealant and protect your hardwood floors for years to come.

Oil-Based Urethane Floor Finish

An oil-based urethane has been around for years. Historically used to protect your wooden floors, it is quickly becoming less and less popular. Typically, this type of finish will have a strong smell to it and is less environmentally friendly. Usually, you will only use an oil-based urethane if you want your floors to have a slightly darker look to it.

Paste Wax  Hardwood Sealing

This type of wax is one of the oldest methods of sealing your hardwood floor and protecting its beauty. There are many benefits to using a paste wax such as its durability, price and applicability. If a professional floor sanding company applies the wax then it could very well last close to a lifetime.

These are three of the more popular types of finishes. When people mention that they want to varnish their floor, it is just a way of saying they want to protect it and give it a nice shine. The oil-based and water-based urethane are essentially forms of varnish that will protect your floor for years.

It is important that you talk with a professional floor restoration company about which finish is best for you and your floor. Every type of floor will have a different need and it is important to pick the right finish. If you do, and you keep the floor maintained, there is a good chance that your hardwood floor will last a very long time indeed.