Amberley Castle

West Sussex
At GJP Floor Sanding, we understand that your home is more than just a building; it's a testament to your lifestyle and personal taste. Whether you own an opulent castle or a cosy suburban house, the importance of maintaining its aesthetic appeal remains unchanged. This case study illustrates our commitment to delivering exceptional floor sanding services tailored to meet individual needs and preferences.

About the Job

Our latest project took us on an exciting journey to Amberley Castle—a historic property with timeless hardwood floors that required our expert touch. The challenge was not merely in restoring these floors but enhancing them in such a way as to complement both the grandeur of this ancient edifice and its classic furnishings.

The task at hand involved buffing out scratches from years of use, staining the hardwood for added depth and richness, all while preserving the unique character intrinsic to this centuries-old castle. Our mission was clear: bring out the best possible look of elegance from these existing hardwood floors without compromising their authenticity.

What We Did

Our team embarked on this restoration process armed with professional-grade lacquers like Bonakemi, Loba, Junkers and high-quality Blanchon gap filling resin—materials known for their superior finish and durability.

Initially focusing on buffing—the act of polishing surfaces using a buffer—we meticulously removed every traceable scratch from the flooring surface. This step effectively reinstated its original texture before proceeding further into our restoration process.

Next came staining—an essential part of wood finishing involving applying colourant within or onto wooden surfaces—to contrast against lighter tones present throughout Amberley Castle’s interior decor elements such as intricate rugs and seating arrangements. For this purpose, we used Morrells professional wood stains renowned for their consistency in providing rich colours that last longer than conventional stains.


Upon completion of our comprehensive floor sanding service—which included sealing using Osmo oils followed by varnishing—the result was nothing short of spectacular! The once worn-out hardwood flooring now exuded an air of sophistication fitting perfectly within Amberley Castle’s esteemed environment while also adding value through enhanced aesthetics.

The dark stain applied during our restoration process served dual purposes—it accentuated natural grain patterns inherent in timber flooring while simultaneously highlighting other design elements within rooms by creating visual contrasts between light-coloured furnishings against darker-toned flooring backdrop.

In essence, what started as mere floor refinishing endeavour transformed into reviving history itself—one square foot at a time!

"What impressed me most about GJP’s service was how they managed to maintain balance between modern-day efficiency brought about through state-of-the-art equipment usage alongside traditional craftsmanship necessary when working with heritage properties like ours."
Sarah Thompson


Whether you’re looking forward towards breathing new life into your old wooden floors or seeking experts who can handle complex projects involving parquet flooring stair sandings among others—GJP Floor Sanding is here help! Feel free reach out discuss requirements get quote today! Remember quality workmanship never goes style—that’s promise keep each job undertake regardless size scale!

To conclude—as seen above—not only did we manage restore beauty hidden beneath layers wear tear but also succeeded creating harmonious blend between historical charm contemporary living standards thereby proving once again why we’re preferred choice many homeowners across UK when comes top-notch floor sandings restorations!