Buffing Wooden Floors

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If you are looking to bring back the stunning, new look of your worn down wood floor then buffing may be your answer. If your floor doesn’t need to be repaired or isn’t suffering from major scratches then buffing will likely help bring back the original look and feel of your floor.

What Does Buffing Do?

Well, buffing your wood floor will remove all of those surface scratches and worn out areas. It basically peels off the top layer of your floor, which allows you to re-finish the floor and give it that shiny new look again. To properly buff your floor, our team will use a high-quality buffing machine. In an effort to help our team, it is ideal to have all of the furniture moved out of the room and the floor cleaned prior to the buffing process.

Preparing Your Floor for Buffing

When it comes to cleaning, we recommend using a vacuum with a soft bristled attachment. As well, you may want to use an approved wood floor cleaning solution to ensure there is no dust or dirt particles left on the floor. You don’t want dirt on the floor as it can cause deep scratches during the buffing process.

You will notice during the buffing work that our team will regularly check the

buffing pad to ensure it is not damaged. If it is worn down or torn then our floor restoration team will always replace it.We do this to ensure that the buffing machine is always working at its best. Using quality pads that are not worn down will ensure that your floors are properly buffed.

Buffing Your Wood Floor

If you are watching our team, you will notice that they always have the route planned. Similarly, they will work the room from left to right and will operate the buffer in a smooth, sweeping fashion. It is important to never leave the buffer running on one spot as you will most likely end up with an unsightly “buff-burn”.

If you are buffing the floor yourself, you need to know that it will take some time to get used to but you can do it. Naturally, if you would prefer to have a professional handle this entire process for you, GJP Wood Floor Sanding London is more than happy to come in and give you a free quote. Buffing is a great way to restore your wood floor without breaking the bank. Give us a call and we will help you get your floors back to that original shine in no time.

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