Thornwood Private House

For this private home in Thornwood, there were several areas that needed major repairs. By tearing out problem spots, filling in gaps between floors, and then sanding it all down, GJP experts were able to fix all damages, scuffs, and scrapes. In this video you can see the amazing transformation from a floor with major damages to one with a brand new sealant that has the whole floor looking like new.

Even for major damages that have affected large portions of the flooring, our team has plenty of experience and training in removing issues and replacing problem spots. You don’t have to worry about floors looking uneven or mismatched either. Our sanding and finishing process will have every piece of flooring, both new and old, looking exactly how you want it to match your taste, décor, and furnishings. If your home’s floorings have sustained major damage, call GJP to schedule a consultation and have us help you find the most efficient way to repair it and have it looking like new.