Chelsea House

Greater London
At GJP Floor Sanding, we understand the value and importance of maintaining your home's aesthetic appeal. Our team, based in London, has over two decades of experience in floor sanding and restoration services. We take pride in our ability to transform worn-out wooden floors into stunning masterpieces that not only enhance the beauty of your home but also increase its overall value.

About The Job

Our recent project involved a splendid property located in Chelsea – one of London’s most affluent areas known for its high standards and expectations when it comes to home improvement projects. This particular task revolved around restoring an exquisite parquet floor that had suffered considerable wear over time. Several blocks within the parquet arrangement were damaged significantly, requiring careful replacement with matching pieces to maintain consistency across the entire flooring surface.

What We Did

As part of our comprehensive service offering at GJP Floor Sanding, we began by meticulously assessing the state of the existing parquet floor. Following this initial evaluation, our skilled team embarked on replacing numerous damaged blocks using perfectly matched replacements sourced from high-quality wood suppliers.

We then proceeded with our signature floor sanding process using professional-grade lacquers such as Bonakemi, Loba and Junkers – all renowned for their superior finish quality and durability. Employing Blanchon gap filling resin allowed us to fill any remaining gaps seamlessly while Osmo oils provided an additional layer of protection against future damage.

The final step involved crafting a light-reflective finish on the restored parquet flooring surface – a technique that enhances both visual appeal and practical functionality by improving illumination within rooms through natural light reflection off polished surfaces.


The result was nothing short of spectacular! The newly restored parquet flooring substantially improved room character while adding significant value to this beautiful Chelsea property. Not only did it meet but exceeded client expectations regarding quality workmanship delivered within agreed timelines without compromising attention-to-detail or customer satisfaction levels throughout each stage from initiation through completion.

"GJP Floor Sanding London exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service and stunning results. The team was professional, punctual, and highly skilled, transforming my worn-out wooden floors into a beautiful and polished surface. I highly recommend GJP Floor Sanding London to anyone looking to rejuvenate their flooring and add value to their home."
Sarah Thompson


If you’re seeking expert advice related specifically towards enhancing your own residential property’s interior aesthetics via professional-grade hardwood flooring restorations then look no further than contacting us today here at GJP Floor Sandings where ‘we make old floors shine like new again!’