Mulberry Pub

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About the Job

The Mulberry Pub enjoys an enviable reputation as one of Sussex’s finest country pubs despite its remote location. Its popularity has led to significant footfall over time which had left the pub’s floorboards looking rather dull and worn-out. recognising this issue, the owners decided it was time for a refresh; they commissioned GJP Floor Sanding’s Brighton team to restore their floorboards’ former glory.

Our task involved not only freshening up these tired-looking boards but also repairing some damaged ones that were showing signs of wear beyond just surface-level dullness.

What We Did

We began by meticulously assessing every inch of the flooring area to identify any damaged boards requiring repair or replacement before initiating the sanding process. This step ensured we could provide a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for The Mulberry Pub’s unique needs.

Once we completed repairs on all compromised sections, we proceeded with sanding down each board across the entire expanse of the pub’s floor using Bonakemi professional lacquers – known for their superior finish and durability.

Following this thorough preparation phase came what can be considered as one part science and another part art – staining! For this particular job, we chose a dark wood stain which complemented perfectly with The Mulberry Pub’s rustic charm while also providing an appealing contrast against lighter elements within its interior decor palette.

To ensure longevity alongside aesthetic appeal after staining, we applied Loba high-grade protective lacquer onto each sanded board individually; effectively sealing them against future damage from heavy traffic or accidental spills common in bustling establishments like The Mulberry Pub.


The outcome was nothing short of spectacular! Once dulled by constant use now shone brightly underfoot adding warmth & character back into space while still retaining its charming old-world feel intact through carefully chosen stain shade & finish type used during restoration process carried out by our skilled professionals here at GJP Floor Sanding London.

Not only did restored floors look visually stunning post-restoration but they were also significantly more resilient thanks largely due protection provided via top-quality products utilised throughout refurbishment procedure ensuring maximum durability without compromising slightest bit on aesthetics aspect whatsoever!

It was indeed satisfying seeing how dramatically transformation unfolded right before eyes – turning something once deemed ‘tired’ into something truly magnificent again!

"GJP Floor Sanding London exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service and stunning results. The team was professional, punctual, and highly skilled, transforming my worn-out wooden floors into a beautiful and polished surface. I highly recommend GJP Floor Sanding London to anyone looking to rejuvenate their flooring and add value to their home."
Sarah Thompson


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