Surrey Private Residence

At GJP Floor Sanding, we take pride in our ability to transform the aesthetic appeal of any room with our premium floor sanding and restoration services. Our team's expertise extends beyond just revitalising wooden floors; we also specialise in creating unique patterns that enhance the overall ambiance of your space. This case study showcases how a simple change in floor finish can dramatically alter the perception of a room.

About The Job

The project involved a private residence located in Surrey where the homeowners desired an upliftment for their living area. Their existing flooring was dark and lacked character, making the room appear smaller than it actually was. They wanted their space to feel more open, inviting, and interesting without undergoing extensive renovations or changing furniture arrangements.

What We Did

Our approach towards this project was twofold: firstly, to lighten up the floor finish and secondly, to introduce intricate wood latticing that would add depth and interest to their flooring.

We began by meticulously sanding down their old floorboards using high-grade professional lacquers from brands like Bonakemi, Loba, Junkers and Loba – renowned for delivering excellent results on all types of wooden surfaces. This process stripped away years of wear-and-tear revealing fresh timber underneath ready for transformation.

Next came our specialty – introducing bespoke patterns into hardwood floors. Drawing upon decades worth experience within our team at GJP Floor Sanding London UK , we designed an elegant lattice pattern which not only added visual intrigue but also created optical illusions that made room seem larger than it really is .


Post completion , result surpassed even highest expectations . Lighter stain coupled with meticulous sealing work allowed natural light flood into room bounce off newly sanded restored surface . It gave impression airy spaciousness while maintaining warmth comfort associated traditional wooden flooring .

Moreover , intricacy design drew eyes across entire span giving illusion extended space . Not did it make interesting focal point itself but provided homeowners unique opportunity experiment different furniture rug placements highlight various aspects pattern .

In essence , transformed once dull uninspiring living area vibrant welcoming hub home activity conversation .

"GJP Floor Sanding London exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service and stunning results. The team was professional, punctual, and highly skilled, transforming my worn-out wooden floors into a beautiful and polished surface. I highly recommend GJP Floor Sanding London to anyone looking to rejuvenate their flooring and add value to their home."
Sarah Thompson


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