Tunbridge Wells Private Residence

GJP Floor Sanding, a trusted name in the floor sanding and restoration industry for over 21 years, has been transforming homes across London with our expertise. Our team of skilled professionals brings an unmatched level of experience to every project we undertake. We are proud members of Checkatrade and Which Trusted Traders scheme, reinforcing our commitment to quality workmanship.

About The Job

The job involved working on an open kitchen-dining-sitting room area that demanded a unique approach due to its diverse furniture elements like dark dining tables and white kitchen islands. The challenge was creating a dynamic yet harmonious flow between different areas while enhancing their individual charm.

What We Did

Our dedicated crew started by giving the floor thorough vacuuming followed by meticulous polishing using high-grade professional lacquers from Bonakemi, Loba, Junkers and Loba – brands known for their superior quality products.

Next came the crucial process of sanding where we stripped down layers revealing raw wood underneath ready for transformation. Using Blanchon gap filling resin ensured smoothness before moving onto staining & varnishing stage.

We chose a carefully curated stain that alternated between dark and light colours adding depth as well as visual interest to the flooring. It created an interesting dynamic feel allowing it to blend seamlessly with various pieces of furniture present in different sections of this open-concept space.

Staining & Varnishing

For sealing purposes, Osmo oils were used which further enhanced natural wood grain texture while providing robust protection against everyday wear-and-tear ensuring longevity without compromising aesthetics.

Fire Hearth Removal

During this renovation process, fire hearth removal was also carried out efficiently without causing any damage or disruption within premises maintaining utmost professionalism throughout execution phase.

Floorboard Replacements

Lastly, certain sections underwent floorboard replacements using matching wooden planks restoring uniformity across entire surface area completing overall look desired by homeowners.

"GJP Floor Sanding London exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service and stunning results. The team was professional, punctual, and highly skilled, transforming my worn-out wooden floors into a beautiful and polished surface. I highly recommend GJP Floor Sanding London to anyone looking to rejuvenate their flooring and add value to their home."
Sarah Thompson


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