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floor-staining-hoveOnce your floor has been completely stripped using our high quality floor sanding machines, we will commence the finer sanding.

This includes using 120 grit sand paper to get a nice, smooth finish on the floor. However, there are other things we need to do to make sure you floor is 100% prepared for the next step.

Sanding the Hard to Reach Places

Typically, the sanding machines will get the majority of your floor to a nice, smooth finish. However, these are large machines and as such they tend to miss sections along the wall and in the corners.

Since our floor sanding team takes pride in their work, they will begin using carbide hand scrapers to sand down those hard-to-reach areas.

Something that our professionals know and take into consideration is the fact that these hand scrapers will take the floor down to a very smooth finish.

As such, these areas won’t respond to the finish the same as the rest of the floor. In order to fix this, our team will rough up the areas with 80-100 grit sand paper, so it has the same look as the rest of the floor. This will ensure your wood floor receives an even and beautiful look once the finish is applied.

Once we finish with the sanding, our team will move onto the screening stage. Many of our competitors will skip this step but we are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality product.

Screening the Floor

Sussex-Floor-Sanding-Floor-Repairs-RestorationsThe screening stage takes your sanded but rough floor and gives it a beautiful smooth finish. We use a finer abrasive that is usually between 120 and 150 grit. We go over your entire floor with this fine abrasive until you are left with a smooth-looking wooden floor.

Many wood floor professionals may be tempted to simply skip this step as your floor will look pretty decent after the rough sanding stage. However, screening your floor will help blend the edges with the rest of the floor and it will remove any minor scratches from the coarse sanding. A reputable company such as GJP floor sanding London will always go the extra mile and screen your floor to get the best results.

Once the screening is completed, you will be ready to pick out your favourite colour or finish and begin the re-finishing process to give your floor the shine and protection that it deserves.

Re-finishing Your Floor

Re-finishing your floor is the final step of the wood floor restoration process. This is always the most rewarding step as you finally get to see the finished product. After so much work, it is nice to see how much it changes the perspective and atmosphere of the room.

The Purpose of a Finish

Once the floor has been completely sanded and you have found the perfect colour, we will seal the floor with a lacquer (also known as a varnish) or oil, which protects the wood floor. We tend to use lacquer as it is the most practical, attractive and hard-wearing option on the market today. It requires little maintenance and it leaves the floor looking great. Believe it or not the finishing step is the most important aspect of the entire wood floor sanding process. This is why using quality finishes is crucial to the durability of your floor.

Choosing the Right Sheen

sanding-floor-brighton-hardwoodOur high quality lacquer finishes come in a variety of sheens including:


This provides the least amount of sheen of the finishes so if you prefer a floor that isn’t too shiny then this is the one to choose. Typically, a matte finish will have about a 10% sheen.


This sheen is in between the matte look and the semi-gloss. It has about 50% sheen to it and as such will offer a nice shine but you won’t need to wear sunglasses in the house.


We are starting to get onto the shiny side of the finishes. At about 60-70% sheen, you can expect your semi-gloss lacquer to be quite shiny and offer a nice, smooth look.


You are at about 90% sheen with the gloss finish, which means you may want to watch your eyes. It will give your floor the perfect shiny look.

The Perfect Finish

Since the finishing step is so important and will help your wooden floors last for years to come, we only use the highest quality products.All of our finishes have a low odour and are eco-friendly. As well, we usually use water-based lacquers and hard-wax oils, which deliver the best possible look.

Over the 30+ years in the wood floor sanding business, we have realized that not all finishing suppliers are created equal. We typically work with Bonakemi, Osmo and Becka Acroma as each of these suppliers provide the highest quality finishes and offer amazing after sales support. You know that you will always be in good hands with these manufacturers.

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