There is no such thing as a dust free zone. This is especially true during a wood floor restoration project. Anytime you need to sand your hardwood floor down to the base, you will be creating a lot of noise and dust. The amount of dust that makes it into the air and on all of your furniture will largely depend on the machine you are using.

 Tools of the Trade

For example, at GJP floor sanding london, we only use the highest quality sanding machines. Our German and Swedish made machines are top of the line and come with a high-powered vacuum that will suck up most of the dust before it is able to escape to the rest of the house.

While these powerful vacuums are incredible and get most of the dust, there will still be some dust settling in the surrounding area. With that said, it will be much, much less than if you use a cheaper machine without a vacuum attachment.

Due to the nature of wood floor sanding, it is always a good idea to protect your furniture with sheets and other protective barriers. This just makes it much easier to clean up once the project is finished.

Speaking of cleanup, this is another important aspect of keeping the dust to a minimum throughout the life of the project. This is one of the reasons that we will clean up frequently during the sanding process. It is never a good idea to simply leave the cleanup portion til the end of the job. By then the dust is everywhere and will likely be tracked throughout your house.

If you are planning on sanding the floors on your own, then we highly recommend renting a high-quality sanding machine that has a vacuum attachment, otherwise, you will have dust all over your house.

Safety First

As well, it is important that you always wear high-quality respirators and good ear protection when operating a heavy-duty wood floor sander. This will protect your ears and lungs from the dangers of floor sanding.

While restoring your wood floors is often a time-consuming, loud and dusty job, there are things that you can do to help minimise the amount of dust particles that make it into the air. For the sake of your health, it is always best to implement the tactics discussed as they will greatly help reduce the amount of dust created during the refinishing job.

Good luck with your floor restoration project and happy breathing!