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Clear Prices

At GJP Floor Sanding, we provide clear pricing for our Commercial and Retail Floor Sanding Services in Friern-Barnet, with costs typically ranging from 12 to 20 per square metre, contingent on the size and condition of the floor.

All Explained

At GJP Floor Sanding, we provide all-encompassing commercial and retail floor sanding services, specifically designed to meet the specific needs of home and business owners. The team we have is committed to guaranteeing a finish of high quality and endurance, thereby improving the beauty and long-lasting nature of your floors.

Fully Insured

With full insurance, GJP Floor Sanding provides peace of mind by securing your property throughout the floor refurbishment process. Our wide-ranging coverage guards against unpredicted incidents, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Why Choose GJP Floor Sanding

Choosing GJP Floor Sanding signifies investing in excellence, precision, and customer satisfaction. Our distinctive value proposition lies in our commitment to superiority, setting us apart from the competition. We employ cutting-edge, dust-free equipment, and our group of highly trained professionals is dedicated to delivering flawless results. Nonetheless, don’t just rely on us on face value.

We have hundreds of genuine testimonials from satisfied customers that attest to our exceptional customer service and craftsmanship. Being members of Checkatrade and Which Trusted Traders, we work hard to maintain the supreme levels of service and integrity. Whether you’re a property owner or a business owner, GJP Floor Sanding is your trusted ally for all your flooring needs.

Types of Commercial and Retail Floor Sanding Services Friern-Barnet

At GJP Floor Sanding, we provide a range of commercial and retail floor sanding solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of residential and commercial property owners in Friern-Barnet. Through our Commercial Floor Sanding service, your business space’s floorings, as well as those in your restaurant or hotel, will be refreshed with the least possible disruption to your business. In commercial environments, our Retail Floor Sanding service focuses on crafting robust and visually striking floors that can handle a high volume of foot traffic. We also offer Dust-Free Sanding, making use of advanced apparatus to ensure a clean, healthy environment. Our Wood Floor Restoration service breathes old, worn-out wooden floors back into their prime, while our Parquet Floor Sanding service preserves the intricate patterns of parquet floors. Lastly, our Floor Polishing service provides a glossy, sleek finish for an enhanced appearance.

Hardwood Floor Sanding

Hardwood floor sanding is a revolutionary process that refreshes your floors. At GJP Floor Sanding, our proficient team eradicates flaws, increases resilience, and readies your floors for a refinish, thereby adding value to your property.

Softwood Floor Sanding

The act of sanding softwood floors rejuvenates them, amplifying both their aesthetic appeal and longevity. Our skilled team at GJP Floor Sanding customises the process to your particular needs, using advanced techniques and equipment.

Parquet Floor Sanding

We, at GJP Floor Sanding, are specialists in revitalising aged parquet floors, enhancing their innate allure and resilience. Our skilled team employs advanced techniques to yield exceptional results for both home and business owners.

Engineered Wood Sanding

Polishing engineered wood is a vital process for keeping your wood surfaces beautiful and long-lasting. At GJP Floor Sanding, our skilled team provides a detailed and soft sanding service, assuring faultless results.

Floorboard Sanding

Floorboard sanding rejuvenates tired-looking floors, enhancing aesthetics and real estate worth. Our meticulous procedure eliminates old finishes, balances imperfections, and prepares surfaces for a fresh, allergen-free finish. For extraordinary outcomes, trust our experience.

Staircase Sanding

Stairwell sanding is a crucial process in boosting the aesthetics and safety of your stairs. Our specialists at GJP Floor Sanding carefully remove outdated finishes, smooth surfaces, and prepare your stairs for refinishing.

Recent Work

In our latest endeavours, we’ve rejuvenated a diversity of commercial and retail spaces across Friern-Barnet. One job involved a large retail store in the urban hub, where we meticulously sanded and refinished over 10,000 square feet of hardwood flooring. The final result was a durable, effortless-to-maintain surface that augmented the shopping encounter. We also revitalised a busy restaurant, ensuring minimal disruption to the business, while delivering a fresh, clean look. In a time-honoured boutique shop, we restored the floors while preserving their distinctive nature, adding to the shop’s charm. Every project showcases our devotion to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Work Process

The initial step in our workflow at GJP Floor Sanding involves recognising your specific flooring needs. This might range from a basic repair to a full-blown renovation. We then devise a thorough plan, keeping in mind your budget, timeline, and resources. Our experienced team of qualified professionals ensures superior workmanship and strict adherence to safety standards during execution. During the endeavour, we uphold open communication, providing regular updates and quickly resolving any worries. We also observe progress meticulously, making essential adjustments to stay on track. Upon finalisation, we carry out a thorough analysis to ensure all objectives have been met, providing a outcome that merges efficiency, cost saving, and happiness.


Floor Preparation

Prior to beginning any installation, it’s essential to clear the area, check levelness, mend any damage, smooth down rough spots, clean meticulously, and confirm the flooring is entirely dry.


Floor Sanding

In the phase of floor sanding, we use sophisticated equipment to remove the top layer of your floors, eliminating old coatings and blemishes, and guaranteeing a level, even surface.



Coating plays a pivotal role in elevating the aesthetic and durability of surfaces made of wood. It involves implementing a tinted finish that not just brings aesthetic appeal but also helps preserve the wood and avoid rot. To achieve the most optimal results, select a stain that suits your decor and the result you aim for, ensure the area is clean, moisture-free, and clear of dirt or clutter, and spread the finish in a balanced manner. Give the stain to seep into the timber for the advised period, clear away any leftover, and make sure the surface totally dry before putting on a protective layer.



In the process of coating, we apply a high-quality, protective layer to your floors, which increases their sturdiness, looks, and ability to withstand dampness and staining. Long-lasting beauty and functionality are guaranteed by this crucial stage.



At the end, we painstakingly administer a coating to your floor, enhancing its durability and attractiveness. This method guarantees the longevity of your flooring, and provides a protection against regular wear and tear.


Fire Heath Removal

With expertise in fire hearth dismantling, GJP Floor Sanding enhances visual appeal, creates space, and increases energy efficiency, without compromising safety or causing structural damage.

What Our Customers say

The satisfaction of our customers is a tribute to our commitment to quality.

The Benefits of Professional Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration

Both homeowners and business proprietors find expert floor sanding to be a game-changing operation. It effectively removes scuffs, discolorations, and signs of wear and tear, unveiling the inherent elegance of the wood beneath. This procedure not only improves the beauty of your area, but it also increases the longevity of your flooring.

Through the elimination of old layers and leftovers, we establish a clean and even area ready for a fresh protective sealant. This sealant serves as a shield, warding off future damage to your flooring and increasing their lifespan. Also, skilled floor sanding leads to a more hygienic environment by getting rid of built-up grime, dust, and allergens.

Why You Can Trust GJP Floor Sanding.

Our solid reputation and steadfast dedication to excellence make GJP Floor Sanding a dependable option. Having more than three decades, we’ve emerged as a dependable option for both homeowners and commercial properties in the city of Friern-Barnet. With a team of highly competent and seasoned professionals, we ensure that every projects are finished to the utmost standard. With the use of advanced dust-free sanding equipment and high-quality materials, we at GJP Floor Sanding promise an exceptional finish on your wood floor. With our transparent pricing and absence of hidden charges, we ensure you understand the cost of our services. Our primary focus is on ensuring client satisfaction, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We regularly receive commendations from our customers for our expertise, timeliness, and meticulousness. When it comes to floor sanding, GJP Floor Sanding is the company to rely on.



We at GJP Floor Sanding exemplify professionalism via our honourable conduct, skillfulness, and consideration for our clients. Exceptional results for your floor needs are assured by our commitment to continuous education and enhancement.



Our extensive industry experience at GJP Floor Sanding enables us to create remarkable outcomes, transforming worn-out floors into stunning masterpieces through precise attention to detail.



Durability, functionality, and worth are guaranteed for home and business owners when excellence is given precedence. When you choose quality, like that offered by GJP Floor Sanding, you attain durability, enhanced property value, and satisfaction.



Being a homeowner or business owner in Friern-Barnet, the condition of your floors has a direct impact on your reputation. GJP Floor Sanding is committed to enhancing your appearance and worth with our exceptional floor sanding services.

Sectors We Work In.

We utilise our skills in a range of industries at GJP Floor Sanding. For homeowners, we understand the importance of a pristinely maintained floor, boosting not only the visual charm of your property but also its worth. We handle a variety of timber types, comprising hardwood, parquet, and engineered wood. For business owners, we offer all-encompassing services aimed at enhancing the professional appeal of your work environment.

We serve a wide spectrum of commercial properties, like offices and stores to dining places and lodging establishments. Your operations will experience least disruption because of our team’s effective effort. Trust in us to deliver personalised solutions that cater to your particular requirements.


We sensitively restore floors in historic places of worship and high-traffic community spaces.


We refresh commercial office spaces to create professional, inviting environments.


Our team handles large-scale sanding and finishing projects in malls, airports, and more.

Public Buildings

We bring new life to floors in libraries, museums, government buildings, and other public spaces.

Heritage Buildings

We use specialised techniques to preserve the beauty of floors in historic landmarks and listed buildings.


We provide sanding, finishing, repairs, and maintenance for homes of all sizes.

Retail Units

We renew floors in stores, restaurants, and other retail establishments.

Schools & Colleges

We refinish busy floors in educational institutions to revitalise learning environments.

At GJP Floor Sanding, our commitment is to offer outstanding worth to our clientele. We ensure affordability without sacrificing excellence through our aggressive pricing. We offer transparent pricing, thus you are aware exactly what you’re being charged for, with zero concealed expenses or unexpected charges. If you’re a residential or commercial owner striving to enhance the charm and resilience of your flooring, our services provide a budget-friendly option. With our services, not only does the aesthetics of your space upgrade, but the life of your flooring also extends, minimising the need for regular fixes. It’s our commitment to affordability and quality that establishes us as the top-notch choice for services of floor sanding in Friern-Barnet.

Sanding £35-55 square meter
Gap Filling with Wood Slivers £20 square meter
Gap Filling with Resin £11 square meter
Staining £11 square meter
Fire Heath Revomal £420 each
Stairs, steps and Rises £90-100 per step
Additional Services £45 hour
Floorboard replacements £8.99 per foot
Upgades to commercial grade laquer £5.50 square meter

All prices are including VAT.

The excellence of our work at GJP Floor Sanding, we believe, is fundamentally tied to the quality of instruments and resources we employ. The reason we put our resources in advanced equipment is to guarantee accuracy and productivity in every undertaking. Our premium sanding machines are crafted to eradicate flaws and scratches, yielding your floors smooth and even. Furthermore, we utilise top-tier coatings, dyes, and protectants, which we obtain from reputable providers. These elements not only improve the attractiveness of your floorings, but also give prolonged safeguard, ensuring durability and resilience to deterioration. Our premium equipment and materials are essential in our pledge to provide excellent results.

  • Abrasive Sanding – We start with coarse grit sandpaper and progress through finer grits to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Priming – A coat of Bona Primer is applied first to improve the adhesion of the finish.
  • Lacquer Coats – Two coats of Bona Mega lacquer are applied for protection and a matte sheen. A two-component commercial-grade lacquer upgrade is available.
  • Gap Filling – We use reclaimed pine wood slivers or Blanchon resin to fill gaps between floorboards and planks.
  • Stain Sampling – We can provide samples of stains, primers or pigmented lacquers if a colour change is desired.
  • Reclaimed Floorboards – Genuine reclaimed pine boards can be supplied and installed as needed.
  • Fireplace Hearth Removal – We remove and replace standard fireplace hearths with reclaimed pine boards.
  • Staircase Sanding – Stair treads, risers, spindles and nosings can be sanded and sealed for protection and refreshed appearance.
  • Additional Services – Any extra services not outlined can be provided at an hourly labour rate plus materials.

The trust and time you provide are deeply respected at GJP Floor Sanding. Our steady devotion to concluding tasks in a expeditious manner bears witness to this. We guarantee barely any setbacks and disturbances through effective planning and implementation. Our squad methodically organises each phase, starting from the initial consultation to the ultimate completion. We value transparency and make sure to consistently update you on the advancement. Our strategy is personalised to accommodate your unique needs, regardless of whether the project is residential or commercial. Experience our devotion to promptness and productivity, and allow us to modify your space, sticking to your schedule and requirements. Confide in us to deliver first-rate results within the set period.

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The Impact of Floor Sanding on Property Value

The worth of a property is greatly enhanced by the process of floor sanding, which improves its visual attractiveness and durability. The elegance of any space is boosted by a flawlessly smoothed, immaculate floor, which draws in potential buyers or tenants. In addition to its beauty enhancements, floor sanding also boosts the structural strength of a structure. It discloses masked damage, creating space for prompt measures and averting extra degradation.

Possible buyers are given assurance about the estate’s state due to this preemptive maintenance. In addition, the durability of your flooring is extended by the process of floor sanding, which also decreases future care costs. Furthermore, it fosters a more healthful living environment by eliminating allergens and dust, a key consideration for wellness-oriented buyers. Opting to invest in GJP Floor Sanding’s specialised floor sanding services can be a budget-friendly method to enhance your property’s market value.

We gives powerful guarantees, as we are certain in the quality of our performance. Our pledge to you, our esteemed owners of homes and businesses, is to provide services that are not only of the unparalleled quality but also supported by steadfast assurances. With our guarantee, all our services are included, signifying we’ll fix any after-service errors without extra charges. We assure the utilisation of high-grade materials and cutting-edge machinery, offering a faultless finish that remains the test over time. The end of the task is not the termination of our dedication to customer satisfaction; we additionally provide professional advice on maintenance and aftercare, assisting to maintain the durability of your floors. With our broad warranties and guarantees, you can have faith in us to furnish exceptional results and serenity.

Your security and serenity are of utmost importance to us at GJP Floor Sanding. Rigorous safety protocols are adhered to by our staff to guarantee the security of your property during the sanding process. Using advanced, dustless sanding equipment, we are able to lessen airborne dust, maintaining a pristine and dust-free atmosphere. With our educated experts managing all kinds of flooring with caution, there’s no risk of harm to your home or possessions. Furthermore, our green products are made to be harmless for you and your surroundings. Our goal is to maintain a secure and neat work area, so you can unwind as we refurbish your flooring. We promise a hassle-free experience, backed by our unwavering dedication to safety and cleanliness.

Being a part of Checkatrade and Which Trusted Traders and possessing industry recognitions is something we at GJP Floor Sanding are deeply proud of, as it demonstrates our steadfast dedication to excellent service and strict compliance to quality standards. These accreditations, alongside hundreds of positive feedback from satisfied clients, act as a testament to our expertise and professional integrity. Whether you’re a homeowner or entrepreneur, our certifications provide confidence that you’re partnering with a reliable and esteemed service provider. Trust us to surpass your expectations with our accredited service, providing quality craftsmanship and extraordinary customer service. Permit us to alter your floors and develop a area that you can be proud to have.

Areas We Cover

At GJP Floor Sanding, we are proud to serve a wide geographical area in London, extending our expert services to both home and business owners. Our coverage spans from the bustling city center to the tranquil suburbs, ensuring that no matter where you are located, our team is just a call away. We have strategically positioned our professionals across the city to provide prompt and efficient service.

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