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Clear Prices

At GJP Floor Sanding, we present clear pricing for our Commercial and Retail Floor Sanding Services in Camberwell, with costs usually ranging from 12 to 20 per square metre, depending on the size and condition of the floor.

All Explained

Our company provides a broad spectrum of commercial and retail floor sanding services, designed to cater to the unique requirements of both homeowners and businesses. The team we have is devoted to guaranteeing a finish of superior quality and durability, thereby improving the beauty and long-lasting nature of your floors.

Fully Insured

With extensive insurance, GJP Floor Sanding provides assurance by protecting your property throughout the floor refurbishment process. With our thorough coverage, you’re protected from unforeseen events, guaranteeing a stress-free encounter.

Why Choose GJP Floor Sanding

When you select GJP Floor Sanding, you’re putting your money in precision, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our exclusive value proposition is rooted in our dedication to excellence, setting us apart from the competition. Our highly qualified professionals, employing state-of-the-art, dust-free equipment, are committed to providing flawless outcomes. Yet, do not merely take our word as it is.

We have a multitude of authentic reviews from satisfied customers that attest to our exceptional customer service and craftsmanship. As esteemed members of Checkatrade and Which Trusted Traders, we maintain the utmost standards of service and integrity. If you are a house owner or enterprise owner, you can count on GJP Floor Sanding for all your flooring requirements.

Types of Commercial and Retail Floor Sanding Services Camberwell

At GJP Floor Sanding, we deliver a selection of commercial and retail floor sanding services, tailored to meet the specific needs of residential and commercial property owners in Camberwell. Our Commercial Floor Sanding service rejuvenates your business, dining establishment, or hotel floors while causing the least possible disturbance to your business activities. Our Retail Floor Sanding service endeavours to provide durable, attractive floors for retail spaces that can endure heavy foot traffic. We also deliver Dust-Free Sanding, making use of cutting-edge machinery to ensure a clean, healthy environment. Our Wood Floor Restoration service breathes aged, worn-out wooden floors back to life, while our Parquet Floor Sanding service preserves the intricate patterns of parquet floors. Finally, our Floor Polishing service bestows a glossy, sleek finish to improve the look.

Hardwood Floor Sanding

The process of restoring hardwood floors is life-changing and breathes new life into them. Our experienced team at GJP Floor Sanding eradicates flaws, enhances durability, and prepares your floors for refinishing, adding worth to your property.

Softwood Floor Sanding

Through the act of sanding your softwood floors, you can restore their original charm and increase their durability. In GJP Floor Sanding, our proficient team tailors the procedure to meet your unique requirements, utilising advanced techniques and machinery.

Parquet Floor Sanding

At GJP Floor Sanding, we are proficient in restoring tired parquet floors, enhancing their natural beauty and durability. Our professional team employs sophisticated techniques to deliver exceptional results for both home and business owners.

Engineered Wood Sanding

Polishing processed wood is a crucial procedure for keeping your wood surfaces beautiful and long-lasting. At GJP Floor Sanding, our expert team provides a meticulous and gentle sanding service, assuring faultless results.

Floorboard Sanding

The method of sanding floorboards revitalises worn-out floors, improving their visual appeal and increasing the value of the property. Our meticulous procedure eliminates old finishes, levels imperfections, and prepares surfaces for a fresh, allergen-free finish. For impressive outcomes, rely on our expertise.

Staircase Sanding

Stairwell sanding is a crucial process in enhancing the aesthetics and safety of your stairs. Our specialists at GJP Floor Sanding carefully remove old finishes, smooth surfaces, and prepare your stairs for refinishing.

Recent Work

In our current endeavours, we’ve rejuvenated a variety of commercial and retail spaces across Camberwell. In the downtown area, we embarked on a task in a large retail store, carefully sanding and refinishing more than 10,000 square feet of hardwood flooring. The final result was a durable, easy-to-keep surface that enriched the shopping encounter. We also revitalised a busy restaurant, ensuring minimal disruption to operations, while delivering a fresh, clean look. In a time-honoured boutique shop, we revamped the floors while preserving their character, adding to the shop’s charm. Our devotion to excellence, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is evident in every project we handle.

Work Process

Understanding your unique flooring requirements is how we start our work process at GJP Floor Sanding. The range might be anything from a basic fix to a total renovation. We then construct a thorough strategy, taking into account your budget, timeline, and resources. Our professional team of qualified professionals guarantees top-notch workmanship and strict adherence to safety standards during execution. In the course of the whole task, we ensure transparent communication, providing frequent progress reports and quickly resolving any issues. We maintain a watchful eye on progress as well, implementing the necessary tweaks to remain on course. Upon finalisation, we carry out a meticulous review to ensure all objectives have been met, yielding a outcome that combines efficiency, economical value, and happiness.


Floor Preparation

Prior to beginning any assembly, it’s important to clear the area, check levelness, repair any damage, sand down rough spots, vacuum meticulously, and confirm the flooring is totally dry.


Floor Sanding

During the sanding of the floor process, we utilise cutting-edge machinery to remove the top layer of your flooring, getting rid of old finishes and blemishes, and assuring a smooth, even surface.



The look and longevity of wooden surfaces can be significantly improved through staining. The process entails adding a coloured coating that enhances the look while also conserving the timber and preventing rot. To attain the most optimal results, select a stain that complements your interior design and anticipated finish, prepare the area by ensuring it’s neat, dry, and free from dirt or clutter, and apply the finish in a balanced manner. Permit the stain to seep into the wood for the advised duration, eliminate any extra, and let the surface is totally dry prior to putting on a protective sealant.



In the sealing phase, we administer a superior, protective layer to your floors, enhancing their longevity, aesthetics, and defence to dampness and staining. This vital step ensures enduring beauty and functionality.



In the final step, we meticulously apply a finish to your floor, improving its resilience and attractiveness. This process ensures your floor’s longevity, and introduces a protective layer against routine usage.


Fire Heath Removal

With proficiency in fire hearth dismantling, GJP Floor Sanding improves visual appeal, creates space, and boosts energy efficiency, without sacrificing safety or causing structural damage.

What Our Customers say

Our customers’ contentment speaks volumes about our commitment to quality.

The Benefits of Professional Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration

Expert floor sanding is a revolutionary change for both home and business owners. Scratches, stains, and marks of wear and tear are effectively removed by it, exposing the innate charm of the wood below. This procedure not only improves the beauty of your space, but it also strengthens the durability of your flooring.

By removing old coatings and residues, we make a clean and smooth area that’s ready for a fresh protective sealant. By acting as a barrier, this sealant ensures your floors are safe from potential harm and assists them last longer. Additionally, professional floor sanding contributes to a healthier environment by removing accumulated grime, dust, and allergens.

Why You Can Trust GJP Floor Sanding.

Given our proven track record and constant focus on excellence, GJP Floor Sanding is a name you can trust. With over 30 years, we have established ourselves as a trusted choice for home and commercial property owners in Camberwell. Our professional team, with its high level of skill and experience, ensures that each project reaches the topmost potential standards. At GJP Floor Sanding, we employ cutting-edge dust-free sanding machines and top-grade materials, promising a superior finish on your flooring. You can comprehend the expense of our services due to our transparent pricing and no hidden charges. We value customer satisfaction, providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our punctuality, attention to detail, and professionalism are constantly praised by our clients. GJP Floor Sanding is your preferred choice for all floor sanding needs.



We at GJP Floor Sanding personify professionalism through our ethical practices, competence, and respect for clients. Outstanding results for your flooring requirements are assured by our commitment to ongoing knowledge enhancement and enhancement.



At GJP Floor Sanding, our years of industry experience enable us to deliver outstanding results, transforming tired floors into magnificent works of art, with meticulous attention to detail.



The importance of quality for home and business owners lies in its ability to guarantee longevity, practicality, and worth. By investing in quality, such as our services at GJP Floor Sanding, you gain longevity, enhanced property value, and fulfilment.



The reputation you hold as a homeowner or business owner in Camberwell is closely tied to the condition of your floors. At GJP Floor Sanding, we assist in boosting your image and value through superior floor sanding services.

Sectors We Work In.

At GJP Floor Sanding, we apply our skills to a variety of industries. For homeowners, we comprehend the importance of a beautifully kept floor, enhancing not only the visual charm of your property but also its worth. We manage a diversity of wood types, including hardwood, parquet, and engineered wood. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of our comprehensive services that improve the business appeal of their workspace.

Our offerings are designed for various commercial settings like office buildings, retail locations, eateries, and accommodation facilities. Our crew operates effectively to minimise disruption to your activities. Believe in us to provide personalised solutions that meet your particular needs.


We sensitively restore floors in historic places of worship and high-traffic community spaces.


We refresh commercial office spaces to create professional, inviting environments.


Our team handles large-scale sanding and finishing projects in malls, airports, and more.

Public Buildings

We bring new life to floors in libraries, museums, government buildings, and other public spaces.

Heritage Buildings

We use specialised techniques to preserve the beauty of floors in historic landmarks and listed buildings.


We provide sanding, finishing, repairs, and maintenance for homes of all sizes.

Retail Units

We renew floors in stores, restaurants, and other retail establishments.

Schools & Colleges

We refinish busy floors in educational institutions to revitalise learning environments.

We, at GJP Floor Sanding, maintain the belief that delivering extraordinary value to our customers is essential. Quality isn’t compromised at the expense of affordability with our competitive pricing. With our clear pricing, you can be sure of what you’re being charged for, free from concealed charges or surprise costs. For those aiming to increase the charm and durability of their floors, whether for a home or a commercial property, our solutions are an economical choice. Investing in our services doesn’t just enhance the look of your space, it also extends the lifespan of your floors, lessening on the necessity for regular fixes. It’s our dedication to quality and affordability that positions us as the first-rate choice for floor sanding services in Camberwell.

Sanding £35-55 square meter
Gap Filling with Wood Slivers £20 square meter
Gap Filling with Resin £11 square meter
Staining £11 square meter
Fire Heath Revomal £420 each
Stairs, steps and Rises £90-100 per step
Additional Services £45 hour
Floorboard replacements £8.99 per foot
Upgades to commercial grade laquer £5.50 square meter

All prices are including VAT.

The quality of our work at GJP Floor Sanding, we reckon, is intrinsically tied to the calibre of equipment and supplies we utilise. That’s why we invest in cutting-edge equipment, ensuring precision and productivity in every project. By eradicating scratches and imperfections, our high-tech sanding machines provide a completely sleek and even flooring. Moreover, we use first-rate finishes, stains, and sealants, which we procure from trusted suppliers. These materials do more than just improve the look of your floors; they offer prolonged safeguard, strengthening durability and resistance to damage. In our pursuit of exceptional results, the role of our high-quality equipment and materials is crucial.

  • Abrasive Sanding – We start with coarse grit sandpaper and progress through finer grits to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Priming – A coat of Bona Primer is applied first to improve the adhesion of the finish.
  • Lacquer Coats – Two coats of Bona Mega lacquer are applied for protection and a matte sheen. A two-component commercial-grade lacquer upgrade is available.
  • Gap Filling – We use reclaimed pine wood slivers or Blanchon resin to fill gaps between floorboards and planks.
  • Stain Sampling – We can provide samples of stains, primers or pigmented lacquers if a colour change is desired.
  • Reclaimed Floorboards – Genuine reclaimed pine boards can be supplied and installed as needed.
  • Fireplace Hearth Removal – We remove and replace standard fireplace hearths with reclaimed pine boards.
  • Staircase Sanding – Stair treads, risers, spindles and nosings can be sanded and sealed for protection and refreshed appearance.
  • Additional Services – Any extra services not outlined can be provided at an hourly labour rate plus materials.

We at GJP Floor Sanding, deeply appreciate your time and trust. Our consistent dedication to finishing projects in a prompt way attests to this. With our efficient planning and execution, we can assure minimal disruptions and delays. Each phase, from the initial consultation to the final completion, is systematically scheduled by our team. Our commitment to transparency means we provide frequent updates about the progress. Regardless of the project being residential or commercial, our bespoke method meets your unique needs. Experience our commitment to punctuality and efficiency, and let us to revamp your environment, respecting your conditions. Count on us to provide excellent results in the specified timeframe.

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The Impact of Floor Sanding on Property Value

By improving its aesthetic appeal and durability, floor sanding greatly boosts a property’s value. A well-sanded floor, free from scratches and signs of wear, adds a touch of elegance to any space, drawing in potential buyers or tenants. Beyond aesthetics, floor sanding strengthens the structural integrity of the property. It exposes unseen damage, allowing early steps and stopping more decay.

This proactive maintenance reassures potential buyers of the real estate’s state. Moreover, floor sanding extends the lifespan of your floors, cutting down on long-term care costs. In addition, it fosters a healthier habitat by getting rid of dust and allergens, an enticing aspect for those focused on well-being. Investing in professional floor sanding services like ours at GJP Floor Sanding is a cost-effective way to boost your property’s market value.

GJP Floor Sanding offers strong warranties, as we are assured in the standard of our work. As respected home and business owners, we guarantee you our dedication to furnish services of the top-notch calibre, buttressed by robust assurances. Any after-service imperfections are covered by our guarantee, which ensures no extra charges for rectification. We assure the use of first-rate materials and advanced machinery, ensuring a seamless finish that remains the test over time. Past the project’s end, our promise to customer contentment goes on with professional advice on upkeep and aftercare, targeted at extending your floors’ lifespan. You can trust in us for extraordinary results, backed by the tranquillity our all-embracing warranties and guarantees offer.

At GJP Floor Sanding, our focus is on your safety and peace of mind. In the course of the refinishing process, our team guarantees your property’s protection by following rigorous safety protocols. We utilise high-tech, dust-free sanding equipment to decrease the amount of airborne particles, guaranteeing a clean and dust-free setting. Our seasoned professionals have been educated to manage all types of flooring with care, avoiding any harm to your property or belongings. We also use eco-friendly products that ensure the well-being of both you and your surroundings. We strive to uphold a secure and clean workspace, enabling you to take it easy while we revamp your flooring. Depend on us to offer a smooth experience, supported by our devotion to hygiene and safety.

At GJP Floor Sanding, we are delighted of our industry recognitions and memberships with Checkatrade and Which Trusted Traders, exemplifying our dedication to excellence and adherence to rigorous quality standards. With our certifications and the countless positive feedback from our content clientele, our professionalism and competence are undeniable. Whether you possess a home or a business, our certificates serve as a promise that you are cooperating with a trustworthy and respected service provider. Have confidence in us to exceed your expectations with our endorsed service, exhibiting superior workmanship and outstanding customer care. We have the ability to alter your floors and establish a spot that you’d be proud to show off.

Areas We Cover

At GJP Floor Sanding, we are proud to serve a wide geographical area in London, extending our expert services to both home and business owners. Our coverage spans from the bustling city center to the tranquil suburbs, ensuring that no matter where you are located, our team is just a call away. We have strategically positioned our professionals across the city to provide prompt and efficient service.

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