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Clear Prices

GJP Floor Sanding provides straightforward, competitive prices for our high-quality wood floor repair and installation services, crafted to meet the expectations of either residential and business property owners.

All Explained

Our pricing for both residential and commercial owners includes regular maintenance, emergency repairs, system upgrades, and energy efficiency consultations, ensuring thorough care for your floors.

Fully Insured

GJP Floor Sanding is dedicated to giving priority to your serenity. Our comprehensive insurance coverage shields your property during our floor restoration process, providing a trouble-free experience.

Why Choose GJP Floor Sanding

Choosing GJP Floor Sanding is akin to opting for remarkable quality and customer service. Our commitment to offering exceptional results that alter your space is what makes our value proposition distinctive. Being part of Checkatrade and Which Trusted Traders highlights our commitment to high-quality work and excellent customer service.

But don’t just believe us without validating. The hundreds of genuine reviews from our pleased customers bear testament to our professionalism, our focus on details, and our outstanding customer service. For homeowners and enterprise owners alike, GJP Floor Sanding is the dependable choice to exceed expectations and reveal the genuine attraction of your floors.

Types of Commercial and Retail Floor Sanding Services Camberwell

With a focus on your particular needs, GJP Floor Sanding delivers an assortment of commercial and retail floor sanding solutions. By employing cutting-edge technology, our Dust-Free Sanding service effectively minimises dust production, ensuring a spotless & healthy environment. To tackle the issue of gaps that may have emerged in your flooring over time, our Gap Filling service works to improve both their look and structural integrity. Should you be thinking about a colour alteration, our Staining services have a vast range of options to harmonise with your decorative style. Our Sealing and Varnishing services are here to safeguard your flooring from wear and tear, thus enhancing their resilience. Each solution, offered by our team of professionals, ensures continually top-notch results.

Hardwood Floor Sanding

Sanding hardwood floors is a key element of the restoration procedure. It not only improves the aesthetics of your flooring, but also extends their lifespan and eliminates any imperfections. GJP Floor Sanding must be your pick for skilled, swift, and customised offerings.

Softwood Floor Sanding

The act of sanding can refresh a softwood floor, improving its durability and visual appeal. We, at GJP Floor Sanding, deliver first-rate results by employing high-quality equipment and strict safety measures.

Parquet Floor Sanding

We, at GJP Floor Sanding, skillfully renew your wooden flooring, augmenting its natural beauty and worth. Our process is exhaustive and entails steps like preparatory work, precision sanding, thorough cleaning, and top-grade sealing.

Engineered Wood Sanding

Engineered wood sanding is our focus at GJP Floor Sanding, where we utilise sophisticated tools and methods to achieve a perfect result, which boosts the charm and endurance of your flooring.

Floorboard Sanding

GJP Floor Sanding is committed to reinvigorating tired floors, thereby enhancing the attractiveness and strength of your estate. Our professional team, using innovative techniques, achieves outstanding results by transforming your floors into stunning surfaces.

Staircase Sanding

Undergo a change with the Wooden Staircase Sanding service from GJP Floor Sanding. Our process rejuvenates dilapidated stairs, increasing both their safety and appearance, setting up them for a flawless makeover.

Recent Work

The recent projects we have completed at GJP Floor Sanding highlight our commitment to upholding a superior standard of performance. Through one of our home transformations, we changed an antiquated living room into an elegant space with carefully refinished and sanded wooden floors. We revitalised an worn-out parquet floor in a busy commercial area, reinstating its old charm and crafting the space more welcoming. Irrespective of whether working with homeowners or businesses, these projects underscore our steadfast commitment to excellent workmanship and the happiness of our customers. We implore you to scrutinise these changes and imagine how we could realise like effects for your premises.

Work Process

We at GJP Floor Sanding have a method of operation that’s diligently devised for superior performance. The initial step is an Initial Consultation, where we understand your specific needs and assess the state of your floors. After the first phase, we advance to Planning and Preparation, where our team creates a tailored plan that aligns with your unique requirements. By employing modern equipment, our adept technicians perform the actual Floor Sanding, effectively removing all flaws. Once sanding is complete, we engage in Floor Restoration, applying high-grade finishes to improve your floor’s resilience. The procedure wraps up with a thorough Quality Assurance assessment, guaranteeing your entire of your flooring meets our stringent standards.


Floor Preparation

In-depth preparation is our philosophy at GJP Floor Sanding to guarantee a flawless finish. Our first stage involves tidying up and cleaning the area, checking and fixing any destruction, and confirming a flat foundation for your new floor.


Floor Sanding

In the step of floor sanding, we diligently apply superior sanding apparatus to eradicate old finishes and irregularities, disclosing your floor’s intrinsic attractiveness. Your flooring’s specific needs determine the customization of this procedure.



In the 3rd step, we implement the stain you picked to amplify the wood’s inherent attractiveness. Our specialists guarantee even application, emphasising the grain and character of your flooring.



In the process of finishing, we utilise a high-grade coating on your just sanded floors, enhancing their charm and sturdiness. This safeguarding coating provides protection against deterioration, assuring enduring outcomes.



In the ultimate step of your project with GJP Floor Sanding, we promise a meticulous examination, respond to any concerns, make essential changes, and finalise all particulars, providing you with a space you can feel proud of.


Fire Heath Removal

In the course of fire hearth elimination, we disconnect any gas lines for security, carefully disassemble the framework, dispose of materials in a responsible manner, and repair the area for a seamless conclusion.

What Our Customers say

We continually receive high praise from our clients, who are homeowners and commercial owners.

The GJP Floor Sanding Advantage.

Investigate the advantages of GJP Floor Sanding, an evidence of more than 30 years of steadfast devotion to quality, expertise, and client satisfaction. We’ve gained our standing as a trusted name in the industry through our rigorous attention to detail and use of top-quality materials. Our skilled team employs the latest equipment to deliver exceptional floor sanding services, tailored to meet the distinct needs of both home and business property owners. With our dustless sanding technique, we guarantee a clean and healthful environment, causing least interference to your daily schedule. Our dedication to offering you value for your money is evidenced by our transparent pricing and complimentary, no-obligation quotes. By selecting our services, you’re investing in the long-lasting beauty and lifespan of your flooring.



At GJP Floor Sanding, we epitomise professionalism by continually delivering trustworthy, competent, and ethical services, bolstered by strong communication, to meet the unique needs of homeowners and businesses.



Due to our extensive industry experience, we at GJP Floor Sanding have honed our techniques to deliver impressive results, making sure your flooring obtain the care and consideration they need.



Our offerings at GJP Floor Sanding are essentially grounded in excellence. For both residential property owners and corporate owners, we assure longevity, aesthetics, and worth, making each investment a beneficial one.



We at GJP Floor Sanding, realise the importance of a solid reputation for home owners and businesses alike. Our commitment to excellence, transparency, and client satisfaction has won us a trusted reputation in Camberwell.

Sectors We Work In.

At GJP Floor Sanding, we serve a broad range of sectors, providing high-quality floor sanding services to both residential and commercial owners. Our advanced tools and methods permit our domestic services to revive your house’s floors, reclaiming their innate allure. For entrepreneurs, we propose extensive services that boost the aesthetics and ambiance of your commercial premises. Be it an corporate space, shopping centre, food joint, or accommodation, we align our services with your brand character, designing a expert and attractive atmosphere. Our dedication to excellence and client contentment spans across all industries, promising a uninterrupted and hassle-free journey from start to finish. Bank on us to reconstruct your flooring and create a lasting impression.


We sensitively restore floors in historic places of worship and high-traffic community spaces.


We refresh commercial office spaces to create professional, inviting environments.


Our team handles large-scale sanding and finishing projects in malls, airports, and more.

Public Buildings

We bring new life to floors in libraries, museums, government buildings, and other public spaces.

Heritage Buildings

We use specialised techniques to preserve the beauty of floors in historic landmarks and listed buildings.


We provide sanding, finishing, repairs, and maintenance for homes of all sizes.

Retail Units

We renew floors in stores, restaurants, and other retail establishments.

Schools & Colleges

We refinish busy floors in educational institutions to revitalise learning environments.

At GJP Floor Sanding, we strongly hold the conviction in providing outstanding worth for your investment. Our costing is aggressive and clear, depending on the size and complexity of the project, guaranteeing you receive the best value on your investment. Your property’s market value and visual charm can be enhanced by putting your resources in our services. Perfectly kept floors in a property can boost its attractiveness to potential purchasers or tenants, potentially leading to a higher price. Moreover, by getting rid of bacteria, dust, and allergens, our offerings contribute a healthier environment. Select our services at GJP Floor Sanding as a beneficial venture that provides both economic and non-economic benefits.

Sanding £35-55 square meter
Gap Filling with Wood Slivers £20 square meter
Gap Filling with Resin £11 square meter
Staining £11 square meter
Fire Heath Revomal £420 each
Stairs, steps and Rises £90-100 per step
Additional Services £45 hour
Floorboard replacements £8.99 per foot
Upgades to commercial grade laquer £5.50 square meter

All prices are including VAT.

At GJP Floor Sanding, we employ superior machinery and materials to deliver outstanding results. Using our high-tech, dust-reducing Bona and Hummel floor sanding machines, we provide accuracy and efficiency, while holding airborne debris to a low level, for a sanitised, health-promoting setting. We procure our superior lacquers from revered brands like Bonakemi, Loba, and Junkers, famed for their sturdiness and appealing finish. In order to tackle surface imperfections, we use Blanchon gap filling resin, providing excellent bonding strength for a flawless finish. Additionally, we boost the natural charm of your wood with the application of Osmo oils and Morrells expert wood stains, presenting a selection of hues and finishes to match your aesthetic. Our dedication to quality is clearly visible in each facet of our work, guaranteeing your flooring withstand the test of time.

  • Abrasive Sanding – We start with coarse grit sandpaper and progress through finer grits to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Priming – A coat of Bona Primer is applied first to improve the adhesion of the finish.
  • Lacquer Coats – Two coats of Bona Mega lacquer are applied for protection and a matte sheen. A two-component commercial-grade lacquer upgrade is available.
  • Gap Filling – We use reclaimed pine wood slivers or Blanchon resin to fill gaps between floorboards and planks.
  • Stain Sampling – We can provide samples of stains, primers or pigmented lacquers if a colour change is desired.
  • Reclaimed Floorboards – Genuine reclaimed pine boards can be supplied and installed as needed.
  • Fireplace Hearth Removal – We remove and replace standard fireplace hearths with reclaimed pine boards.
  • Staircase Sanding – Stair treads, risers, spindles and nosings can be sanded and sealed for protection and refreshed appearance.
  • Additional Services – Any extra services not outlined can be provided at an hourly labour rate plus materials.

We recognise at GJP Floor Sanding how valuable your hours is. This is the reason why every single one of our projects are characterised by a concentration on effectiveness and timeliness. We endeavour to stick to the agreed schedule, guaranteeing your flooring refurbishment is done without needless setbacks. We hold faith in transparency and pledge to keep you apprised all through the process, offering regular reports on our progress. Irrespective of whether the project is a lesser residential one or a greater commercial task, we maintain identical amounts of dedication and professionalism, endeavouring to produce first-rate results promptly. Rely on us to respect your schedule, and provide an seamless, trouble-free experience from the start to the end.

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The GJP Floor Sanding Promise.

Excellence and client contentment are our unyielding promises at GJP Floor Sanding. Our promise is to provide outstanding floor sanding services, customised to suit the specific necessities of both residential and commercial owners. utilising advanced equipment and approaches, our skilled team offers a immaculate finish, thus increasing the attractiveness and worth of your flooring. We strive to wrap up projects without delay, lessening any likely interference to your day-to-day routine. With no concealed charges, our straightforward pricing promises you receive the highest out of your investment.

Pick GJP Floor Sanding and put your trust in a guarantee of superior quality.Go for GJP Floor Sanding and pledge to a promise of excellence.Choose GJP Floor Sanding and commit to an guarantee of superiority.Opt for GJP Floor Sanding and put your faith in a dedication to excellence.Select GJP Floor Sanding and put your money on a promise of excellent results. Experience our unrivalled quality now and let us turn your flooring into stunning masterpieces.

In Camberwell, our valued patrons can always rely on GJP Floor Sanding for superior offerings. You can have peace of mind knowing the superiority and longevity of our work is supported by our exhaustive guarantees and warranty. Our warranty includes any defects in materials or craftsmanship, guaranteeing that any issues that arise within a specified period will be promptly resolved at no extra cost to you. Aside from the assurance, our commitments are crafted to secure your gratification. We stand behind the endurance and efficiency of our offerings, engineered to stand up to the test of time. If you encounter any difficulties or are not fully happy, we commit to rectify the issue swiftly and professionally. Rely on our pledge to deliver enduring quality. Consider GJP Floor Sanding for all your needs connected with restoring and sanding your floor.

We, at GJP Floor Sanding, place a high value on your protection and tidiness By complying with rigorous health and safety standards, our team promises that all work spaces stay spotless and devoid of risks. We employ advanced cleaning strategies and make use of high-grade, environmentally friendly products. Routine inspections and assessments are performed to preserve our quality standards. At GJP Floor Sanding, we go beyond mere cleaning, striving to create a more conducive environment for your Wooden Floor. Indoor air quality, waste management, and controlling pests are our primary focus, providing a complete solution for hygiene and security. Our focus on transparency suggests we deliver detailed reports of our activities, giving you peace of mind. Count on us to create a sanitary, safe setting that exceeds your anticipations.

GJP Floor Sanding takes considerable pride in our professional accolades and customer ratings. Our connections with Checkatrade and Which Trusted Traders underline our commitment to mastery and professionalism. These acknowledgements are not just emblems – they are testaments to our dedication to delivering outstanding service. Our steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction has garnered us hundreds of favourable reviews from pleased property owners and entrepreneurs. When you opt for us, you’re choosing a business that’s been vetted and endorsed by industry experts and our clientele alike. Have faith on our endorsements and let us to transform your floors into impressive works of art.

Areas We Cover

At GJP Floor Sanding, we are proud to serve a wide geographical area in London, extending our expert services to both home and business owners. Our coverage spans from the bustling city center to the tranquil suburbs, ensuring that no matter where you are located, our team is just a call away. We have strategically positioned our professionals across the city to provide prompt and efficient service.

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